Bikers rarely become heroes of the games — little to remember anything, except for the classic Full Throttle Yes, a disastrous Ride to Hell: Retribution? Here we are at a loss. But Days Gone breaks the pattern: the hero zombie Thriller cuts to the American prairies at the iron horse. How true industry displays the life of motorcyclists? Find out directly from them.

What is all this?

Motorcycle deacon St. John is no less important than its rider. The car constantly having to repair and improve — if this is neglected, your speed will be slow, and life is short. But how hard would the hero in real life? And is it possible to survive the Apocalypse on a motorcycle? Critics praised the game unique, but the players took heat for the last edition 4PDA and attended to questions.

Не разбирал «ИЖ» — не мужик. Days Gone глазами настоящих байкеров

Our experts:

  • Gardos party project «Gun Garage»

  • Andrey Beloglazov — motolyubiteley, collector motorcycles

  • Paul Eves — motolyubiteley chief programmer 4PDA


    Imagine that the end had come. Or everywhere there was a very dangerous situation, and you are on your own now. Deacon Saint John, in such circumstances, chooses a motorcycle. How successful was his choice of vehicle? What model would you prefer — chopper, or something else? Or better to take a bike, car, horse?

    Gerdes: Although chopper (cruiser) is very authentic thing, in terms of post-Apocalypse you need something universal that can quickly move not only on asphalt but also on uneven terrain. The perfect solution in this case would be the Enduro bike. The bike, of course, the topic is interesting, but it will not go away from the crowd of rushing zombies. (In Days Gone mutants called «phreakers», but we did not interrupt the interviewees on this subject — Approx. ed.) a car has advantages: you’re in an enclosed space, where you can spend the night and carry a lot of supplies, protected from the rain.

    On the other hand, in the car a lot more mechanisms that can fail — and without lift, auto service, tools, repair will be problematic.

    Не разбирал «ИЖ» — не мужик. Days Gone глазами настоящих байкеров

    Our experts: Gerdes (above), Andrew, Paul

    Andrey Beloglazov: the hero of the game is clearly Enduro high pendants, evil off-road tyres and tall ground clearance. Another motorcycle in such conditions and don’t need. Enduro long and fast rides on any road while he is, as a rule, simple, reliable and very strong. The car also requires a lot of fuel and at least a hint of the straight road, and the horse is not so hardy and durable.

    Paul Eves: In this situation the classic chopper is good because it is relatively easy to assemble from readily available parts. It will look not look too presentable, but I’ll go. Or to bother, to calculate the aerodynamics and to make a sportbike — but it’s long and not too comfortable. To collect the Enduro bike will be even easier than a chopper. Here’s the bike — not exactly the best choice as a horse. And what about the car you can think of. On a motorcycle more freedom, but the wheelbarrow can ride with their belongings.


    How realistic is it to care for equipment in a zombie Apocalypse — like the one that shown in the Days Gone? Because oil, for example, will end sooner or later, and the motorcycle, according to the game, naughty.

    Gerdes: In real life the bike test not because of his whims, but because it is a dangerous thing. Before your trip, check the brakes, as the chain hanging, and everything to inspect. But there are also naughty models — for example, we worked on the design of motorcycle «Dnepr». Brought it on their own, put the engine climbed, collected the draft, and it won’t start… just got sick. It happens. In modern technology such problems are very rare.

    To exhaust the oil reserves, even in the face of the Apocalypse — still the same problem. I’d rather be worried about the consumables like chain and sprockets. On the way, they do not roll, and at the gas station will not meet (unless with other motorcycle parts to remove). If the motorcycle with cardan shaft, this simplifies life. And the oil is sold at most gas stations.

    Andrew: Like the girls love jewelry and affection, so motorcycles need maintenance and lubrication. In real life, as a rule, bikes are serviced every 6-8 thousand km. Such regulations spelled out in THE most brands. For models with main circuit in the transmission is added to regular lubrication and tightening (I’ve never done this more often than once every 1000 km, the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes). Sports bikes are serviced after every major race. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to play in Days Gone, but I can assume that it is still not on the service and on the functional alteration of nodes.

    Service — it washing, filling and. In the Apocalypse, nothing much will change, except the need for regular washing. Oil and fuel can be a long drained from abandoned vehicles and underground tanks of gas stations.

    The engines most motorcycles are reliable and will give odds to the automotive counterparts.

    Не разбирал «ИЖ» — не мужик. Days Gone глазами настоящих байкеров

    Paul: the Oil will end faster than you can imagine. Even the most simple motors are to eat. Regular replacement from the manufacturer after every 10 000 km, but in fact — in the region 5000 km. But not all motorcycles demanding quality oil, especially choppers and cruisers with a large engine, low revs and a small number of cylinders.


    The hero of Days Gone repairs and improves the bike in the workshops in the settlements. Parts for repair are removed from other bikes. Is it possible to make them manually? As far as their quality will be better or worse than the factory? And that the motorcycle can be replaced with the factory on a makeshift?

    Gerdes: Everything is possible. Bike not a car: a motor alone will remove one person, get over it and stuff it back in (this will be enough for a Toolbox). But to put another engine, probably will need a welder, angle grinder and buffer time. If we instead put a single cylinder motor is exactly the same. If a single cylinder is put in row four, will have to work hard, but also really. The wheel is once or twice, if the diameter of the old coincides with the diameter of the new — only ropes will be taken aback, because they themselves do not lengthen. With tanks happens in different ways: sometimes as a family stand, and sometimes it is necessary to Tinker.

    Well, the quality of homemade items — individual thing. And depends on what node you want to make yourself. For example, the frame — in most cases just a pipe. Took one, sawed off, welded — that is the replacement. Can be made manually some parts like seat, tank, gearshift knob, or some buttons — all this will be viable.

    Не разбирал «ИЖ» — не мужик. Days Gone глазами настоящих байкеров

    Andrew: it All depends on how grow human hands and in his head. Usually the men sit on the bike at a very young age and eventually acquire the skills of a locksmith, tinsmith and industrial designer. The first bikes are going out of shit and sticks, from the fact that normal people throw out — here is the answer.

    By the way, I have a question for those who have a child in the village or in the country was not any «Izha», «Sunrise» or the «Ural»: a man, and you have a child, then all was?

    (We give the interlocutors uncensored and the actual edits, but not necessarily agree with him — Approx. ed.)

    Paul: Many of the parts can be made independently. Comes to grinding the gears of an oil pump of the blanks with a file and needle files. The quality is likely to be worse than the factory, but in some cases it’s not critical.


    How you consider, whether really in the conditions. of the design, to improve the bike, radically change it «on the knee»? And if you’ve ever had to do such a thing?

    Gerdes: In a post-apocalyptic environment even the stock bike sooner or later turn into «custom». You need to carry clothes, hang bags, need more stuff — do sidebar, little fuel — we take the tank a little more, not enough engine power — change the gearing or motor. Too much weight, difficult to manage — put a wide wheel.

    Somehow due to lack of adapter for the carb, we made his from what was lying on the floor. Still works. If under the terms of the post-Apocalypse means the complete absence of electricity, it is problematic, but not impossible. So, for example, to change the plug on more dlinnobaznaya, looking for a bike with long-travel fork, look to the diameter of the pen came up, Unscrew the pen and put it in its holder.

    Andrew: it’s real. Tool, workshop, generators and spare time — all this you will have after the Apocalypse average. Certified as «custom» you pass is not required, the traffic police won’t charge. In the best of times had one and Kulibina to come up and collect much more complicated things.

    In my opinion, it is impossible to buy a bike and immediately half to take it apart!

    And to ride a stock model — a sign of bad taste in motoculture. Experienced look like a Barbie in a peasant bar.

    Не разбирал «ИЖ» — не мужик. Days Gone глазами настоящих байкеров

    Paul: you Can change dramatically. If you have the tools without any problems. The same «soulcycle» is translated from six volt to twelve and put the other generators simply because they can you stick to.

    To do this, ever! And it goes so far. Many older models suffer from the fact that the electrician fray. It is necessary to change, often in the field when work will cease. A normal situation for small repairs. Happens when you collect various «soulcycle», as wing put what was at hand — or not, because dirt in the face will fly.


    How much cargo you can carry on one bike? And isn’t it better to choose a motorcycle with a sidecar to carry more possessions? For example, in terms of post-Apocalypse you’ll need food, weapons, a tent and a sleeping bag, a canister of fuel and spare parts. That would have added to this list?

    Gerdes: a Motorcycle with a sidecar is certainly a topic. But then, just forget about a get away in the woods and maneuverability. Food, weapons, a tent, a sleeping bag and the canister can be easily placed on bags and sonibare. To the list I would add a first aid kit and take either a tent or sleeping bag (one without the other can exist). Another thing — the number of weapons. If a character like Duke Nukem, have to look where the Duke keeps his rich Arsenal. Well, if you focus on realism, PUBG is well implemented. (Hero of Days Gone deacon carries with him three firearms and a lot of Arsenal supporting, like knives and explosives — Approx. ed.)

    Не разбирал «ИЖ» — не мужик. Days Gone глазами настоящих байкеров

    Andrew: I think 100 kg is more or less permissible value for the average motorcycle. Stroller is good, but it makes you much less mobile.

    Belongings do not need much in such conditions, you must be traveling light, ready to break at any second.

    To your list I would add a can of water, underwear, a semi-automatic weapon and a supply of ammunition, night vision device, solar battery, walkie-talkie, tools, kit for quick repair of tyres and, of course, canned.

    Paul: you can Carry a lot, a lot. A stroller is convenient and inconvenient at the same time. With her motorcycle there and managed quite differently, very much affected maneuverability, speed and other metrics.


    In Days Gone we need to monitor gasoline. Did you happen to remain without fuel out in the boonies? What did you do in this case?

    Gerdes: Oh, Yes! Took the canister and stomped on the gas station a few miles.

    Andrew: once I became dry on the ring road. Then I had an old and very voracious VMax. Had to throw it on the road and go to the side of buildings resembling warehouses. On their site was a service station, at the entrance of which I was lucky enough to find an old metal canister. And as around I saw no one, and the permission to take her to ask there was nobody. In General, I have only to walk a couple of kilometers to the nearest gas station and return with her back to his Yamaha.

    To shift from the zombies, the hero uses to accelerate the nitrous. Have you done this ever? And caused if this laughing gas fits of laughter?

    Gerdes: Nitrous oxide medical and sport are slightly different. But even if we ignore this caveat, laughter will not. The oxide enters directly into the intake tract through its trunk extending from the cylinder.

    If the system is sealed, then the only thing you can smell is the products of combustion of gas.

    Even if the system is leaking, the concentration of nitrous oxide in the open air around the bike is too small to cheer biker.

    Andrew: No, NOS, I did not go never. But I will certainly install this kit in one of the future motorbikes. It’s inexpensive and structurally simple to install. A bout of laughter such a thing is unlikely you will cause, because you are applying a gas to the intake manifold, but not in a helmet.

    As we have figured out, the game authors take real events and change them beyond recognition (a vivid example — history in Assassin’s Creed). With Days Gone place strictly on the contrary: like Thriller about the end of the world and mutants, but the world is believable — at least in terms of the road life. Of course, the present repair of the iron horse here not to learn but meticulousness developers from Bend Studios still does not hold. And for what value.


    Interviewed by Pauline Esakova and Alexander Burov