Internet and smartphone in my pocket has opened for us the whole world: sites vying offer flights, hotels and tours on the planet. However, travel to Russia was far more complicated — until recently. Now we have great services for trip planning. Talk about the websites and apps that will help you learn their native country from edge to edge.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России

Itineraries for independent travel


Real impression of people far better than colorful brochures, inviting supposedly «unforgettable emotions». Service Smorodina is just the guide to Russia that is updated by the users themselves. With it, you can learn about interesting objects in the regions and to find cool places that silent sites of travel agencies.

The service offers visitors to share information about places they visited or live permanently. Here you can arm yourself with useful information and competently to build the itinerary. Interesting locations marked on the map, they have photos and GPS coordinates, see the opening hours of the museums. With the same success it is easy to plan a visit to St. Petersburg on a weekend or plan a vacation in Kamchatka.


Service is suitable and fans of independent rest, and those who prefer organized trips. On the website RussiaDiscovery has a variety of options — from Cycling in the Crimea until the conquest of Spitsbergen. In the section «Blog» describes the exciting journey to different parts of the country. There readers will find tips on where to go in soon, not emptying the wallet. Thanks to the flexible system of filters is convenient to look for trips in the interests of the region. Or to select the type of activity: snowmobile safaris, jeep tours, mountain climbing, and even a cruise.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России


The countryside in Russia is not only radischevskoe depression and Potemkin painted facades. In his native province enough distinctive beauties, monuments and stunning scenery. It is this kind of tourism still amazing, but in Europe it is very popular.

«Alturism» recommends not just one but a mixture of accommodation with social activity. Rest combined with good cause: way to help local artisans and craftsmen, to breathe new life into villages and remote reserves.

For example, to go to the Baltic spit is to enjoy the sea air with the scent of the rose, admire the amber, and at the same time to participate in the creation of eco-Park. There are options in the CIS — in the Bialowieza forest offers not only walk on forest trails and watch for herds of bison, but also to help the local Museum.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России


Another guide to Russia, where you can find not only the history of cities and remarkable places, and events. The opening of the summer season in Sevastopol, the local food market in Yaroslavl, a parade in St. Petersburg — all collected on one page.

On the website there is a section of «Master of travel». It is easy to find the optimal tour: it is enough to specify a number of parameters like desired time of year and the travel budget.

«Forum Vinskogo»

Collection would be incomplete without a major domestic online site for lovers of travels. «Forum vinskogo» — a sort of 4PDA from the world of travel. Here we discuss the location, amount routes, share lifehacks on how to save on tickets and accommodation.

Resource devoted to trips around the world, but a large section of it given over to domestic tourism. Here it is easy to know everything: what kind of transport is preferable, what to do and how to protect yourself from common mistakes. Forum users even make their own guides for those who wish to visit their city.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России

Ready-made tours and accommodation


In this online store — huge selection of package tours on the planet. See «Recreation in Russia» collected tour deals on homeland, Wellness travel and eco-tourism. If you want to enjoy the mountains in Sheregesh or panorama of Sudak, is to see the actual rounds in the appropriate section. And for convenience it is better to use mobile app.

A good option for lovers of active holidays. The choice of camp sites, ecological farms and hotels on this portal is great. You can safely go to conquer the Altai or admire the sunsets in Karelia. Do not forget the camera. Or a smartphone with a good camera, like HONOR View 20, to convey the beauty of the landscape in the pictures and bring home pleasant memories.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России

Lovers of a relaxing holiday will not be disappointed: Ecoplaces enough options suitable for fishing, trips with children or noisy company. Wishing to relax with a broom worth a look in the appropriate section — what could be better than a bathhouse in the lap of nature?


Not just an aggregator, and a real Internet auction promotional tours. If you’re lucky, to go to a decent hotel or visit a camp site for the weekend will be for 1 ruble. Or for the price of a Cup of coffee. This is not a joke.

The rooms of hotels and boarding houses are formed lots. To win them, players make bets — the winner is the one whose number was the biggest at the time the auction ends. If you do not want to compete, you can buy the trip at a specified maximum price. At first it seems that this idea is disadvantageous for business. But the reason in this: hotels and vacation homes get advertising, get regular customers. But for the traveller this is a great chance to relax with minimal costs.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России


Russian search service of country leisure facilities. The database includes more than 3,000 offers from lodges, hotels and resorts across the country. Visitors leave reviews to help new guests decide with the booking. Search of suitable settlement options will facilitate a system of filters. And fans of fishing and swimming will appreciate the section on «water». It’s easier to decide where best to cast a rod and enjoy a nourishing soup.

In addition to hotels and hotels, our database a lot of offers from «privateers». Prefer to rest in the dead room, and the comfortably furnished apartment or small house for a friendly company? While you are here. You can choose the option of overnight for one day or for a longer stay. Whether to communicate directly with the owner of the object of interest, the site listed all the contacts. And in order to choose the best option for accommodation and not to miscalculate, you should study ratings and reviews.


From the title clear what the concept of this platform. It is about a Patriotic alternative to the popular international service HomeExchange. On holidays, some travellers share housing with others. Or just rent an apartment to rent. A convenient option for those who don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts for hotel rooms. Such practice is yet regarded with caution, but in the US this system has worked for over 60 years.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России



Online service for the purchase of tickets for intercity buses. No need to stand in long queues at the cash register and impatiently glancing at his watch. The purchase takes a few minutes, and all information about the order will be the controller when boarding the transport. If the trip is for some reason cancelled the purchased ticket is easy to return directly through the website. On TakeBus a quick sort by popular destinations. Thanks to the smartphone app the next trip is easy to plan on the go.

Service for those who like to travel by car. Beginners will be useful to partition itineraries and experienced here sharing their trip reports. There is a forum for finding fellow travelers, mutual assistance and exchange of information on road conditions. Every visitor can fill it: to write a review about the hotel, change contact details, add photos. Travel by car becomes easier when based on the data tested many times by other drivers and passengers.

Едем в Магадан: приложения и сервисы для путешествий по России

Modern services make travelling in Russia easier, help you to find the best prices and blaze new trails. To do nothing at all: smartphone, Internet and a thirst for adventure.