In November of 2018, «Yandex» has launched a Bringly — marketplace focused on products from abroad. Since then the service has expanded to four million items, scored 700 pages on the forum 4PDA and flooded the Internet with their points. And the struggle imposed on AliExpress and Amazon. We discussed the present and the future of the service with Arkady Markaryanom, Director of the electronics category Bringly.

How Bringly

You position your site as a place of sale of foreign goods. Than Bringly is radically different from AliExpress and other services, representing foreign products?

Not all Chinese stores are the same follow the range. Someone can add as many as five million of goods, to invite all manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and dealers to create the appearance of breadth of offerings. Someone independently strictly selects suppliers and products categories. But there is a third kind of marketplace — they tightly control the quality of the products that clearly dictate the rules of their addition and also the requirements for the conditions and speed of formation of the order and its delivery to the warehouse.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

Our interlocutor — Arkady Markaryan, Director electronics category Bringly

Bringly belong to the third category [nods approvingly]. We have our own warehouses, there are people taking the products and brands that may interest buyers. We don’t keep the entire range, which you can buy in China. For example, electronics only work with the warehouse in Riga, providing a fast delivery.

In the category «Smartphones» unknown brands from China, you will not find.

If the phones are in our warehouse in Riga, so we provide quick transportation to Moscow from five days. If it is a distant region of Russia, the order may go a little longer. But still — people need to feel that Bringly provides fast service, which greatly differs from other marketplaces. We also cooperate with suppliers of various accessories from China. Branded equipment is the only warehouse where we guarantee their delivery.


Part of the strange names Bringly far removed from AliExpress. Isn’t it time to restore order? And that «Type controller PortableAir divided remote» somehow embarrassing.

This is not the limit [laughs]! Look for more exciting titles, we have a list, especially among home goods. What you call a marker to paint the scratches on the tree. I now especially clothes hanger like: «Lonely silent Butler».

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

About the design of the cards. We use vendor images or our own. There are rules for how everything should look on the card, and maybe in the future all products will pass through our photo lab.

Regarding translations: we can’t fully control what download Chinese, Turkish and European merchandisers or distributors, so we hope on our interpreter. And he’s still learning to understand new products, especially Turkish, is a new experience for him.

The range, which is selectable and controlled by us, such error deprived.

You have confusion and in catalogs. In auto parts found clothes, goods for children — spanners, and in electronics — rubber mats. How does this happen?

This situation occurs partly because the categories that we transmit to the suppliers of goods. For example, carpet is rubber or cloth. If the provider will write «fluff» or «pad of cloth», his goods can go somewhere besides car accessories.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

In the future we will be able to compare the line images, analyze an image on the photo, product description and its category because we have strong AI. Now just analyze: for example, if you want to sell a watch, but downloaded the boot image in the card will not appear [shrugs].


Well, that was the situation when the wrench was in children’s toys…

While artificial intelligence does not know how such things to distinguish, because the wrenches come in plastic for children from designers. Globally, he’s right: keys and kids to play. However, to understand a child’s toy or DIY category, you have to learn.


You position Bringly as a platform with goods from Europe and Asia. But some interesting electronics offer the same Turkey or Romania?

In addition to international brands, even in Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, there are local players. There the distribution companies who understand what the desired product. They go to China, OEM or ODM order, put your logo and sell.

In Turkey, I met wonderful brands — for example, General Mobile. Very good phone. While the proposal will not have us on the Playground because they are unknown to the Russian audience.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

It is easy to connect local brands in the countries we work with, but they simply won’t sell. We are negotiating with General Mobile and the other local producers from different regions of Europe.


Bringly is the aggregator. You collect goods from different parts of the world in one place. At the same time claim that you have exclusive range. What?

If we see that the best sale on another marketplace, trying to reach the supplier. In the segment of electronics is very simple, if the brand is already known. We have a professional team. She is easily able to find the manufacturer, to reach the main office in China or Europe and tell: «Hey, let’s work with us directly». Then there are conditions exclusive. They come in several types.

For example, the product is very popular , but in Russia it can deliver it first. If the product is already sold, we offer to share his distinctive characteristics. For example, to sell a version with less memory, if we talk about smartphones. We can be 2-16 GB, and in retail — 3-32 either 4-64. This allows us not to kill a sale offline and at the same time the producer an opportunity to expand the range of goods is increasing sales at the expense of the product, which was absent in the offline world, but we have. This grocery exclusive.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

And finally, it exclusive at a price. We agree that our price is super low, unlike retail, due to different pricing. With the approval and participation of all stakeholders is really not difficult to do so. And we are already doing with some brands. Such a scheme can afford to sell a large volume of goods which is already leaving the market, or new product planned for launch in Russia. Then we are all related focus that we have the best offer on the market. If we declare such, it must be true! [nods confidently].

About prices

A number of you have really low prices. How do you manage to keep them?

The marketplace involves the purchase of goods by the end user. Accordingly, if the goods are not intended for subsequent commercial sales, value added tax is not charged, because the buyer has no purpose to resell. So, starting with January 1, it saves 20%.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

Plus the sales of goods in the marketplace involves direct work with producers and clients. We eliminate distributors and retailers, they usually significantly increase the cost of the product, laying all the costs in the product price. Buying a product from us that’s a savings of 20% VAT and up to 30% off the retail price.

In the end our offer you will buy goods up to 50% cheaper than in offline stores.

At the start you had powerful suggestions for the first purchase: 500 rubles-points plus discounts. Now you cut the bonuses to 250 points. Why?

When the service starts it is important to attract audience to the new marketplace. Let 500 rubles do not seem particularly large sum from the point of view of the smartphone 20 000, but it is half the cost of those same sneakers or clothing. Many accumulated points: we have published collections on February 23, February 14, March 8. It was easy to collect up to 2,000 points, which then went for serious shopping. Now we see that the difference between 500 and 250 rubles a welcome bonus does not repel people from signing up on the platform, but allows us to avoid creating multi-accounts.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

Even you have a cashback of 5%. Does he Bringly or spent only within the site?

Now cashback is a bonuses, motivating person on the next order. They can spend only on Bringly. We consider different scenarios of the use of bonuses because the people buying the gadgets, get a substantial refund cashback in points. It is, of course, convenient to use cover, cable, charger. We don’t expect to use story points out Bringly.


The Internet is a separate site «Bringly-bonus», he is completely devoted to how to save on your marketplace. You have to do with this?

Indeed, there are already several resources that tell you how to save bonuses, how to place an order with us. There are even websites that are watching us every minute. When we have something interesting, they immediately write on your page about the product offering, we get great traffic from different areas.

This is not our website, but we do not intend to swear or block. Any prospective buyers from the outside — for us it is worth.

Buy the Russians

Tell us what segment of your products are most popular among Russians?

The answer is simple — smartphones. We have a very high share of electronics. Now this is the only category with direct the Director at the helm, that is — spoiler — with me [smiles]. Other segments yet to be developed. In the future we certainly plan to include category experts in other areas.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

However, this does not mean that more do not buy anything. We have, for example, New Balance sneakers from Turkey differ to cheer. Shirts made of cotton for 300 rubles and shirts 800 — all excellent. Just by the number of orders is a big amount, but in monetary terms it is not as significant. Historically, people used to buy gadgets in foreign stores.


But what is of most interest to Russians?

After technicians go clothing and baby products. We have the largest Turkish магазинToyzz Shop— many bought toys and designers there. Favorite example: the toy cost 14 000 rubles for Bringly it is easy to buy for 7000. Even in Turkey, very cool textiles. We have represented several brands such as Eponj Home that supply bedspreads, bed linen.


You have a lot of Xiaomi products from Rubik’s cube to the reflective tape. What are the most popular of the non-electronic segment?

The bestseller is the backpacks. We brought a lot of them.

Not going to name numbers, but just do not have time to ride. And talking about models to ten litres. Backpack, roughly speaking, of the city, even not every laptop will fit. But buy all three pieces. I took two colors [laughs]. yellow, to me it was obvious with the bike, because I threw the water pump and went to ride. And red — just things to throw that I could use on the trip to friends or walk around town.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

Another interesting thing is the screwdriver sets. For Example, Xiaomi Wiha. Than they unique? First, strong [ostentatiously bends his fingers]. Second, where each bit is in its place and every bat magnet! Is the case of iron. You shake it and the bits do not fall out. In General, Xiaomi is interesting not only smartphones, but also backpacks with screwdrivers differ by the thousands.

Shipping and returns

And as you have delivered?

Have Bringly fast delivery, because it is our transportation and our own warehouses. The provider who works on the platform — only to pack the goods as quickly as possible and pass it to our warehouse.


Then why the delivery time is comparable to AliExpress?

AliExpress interacts with the product in China, and Bringly works with products from different regions of the world. If we are talking about products from China, such as accessories, then I can assume that the delivery time for any pads comparable. Orders are flying those cargo planes for transmitting to send to the buyer.

Smartphones are in our warehouse in Riga.

So, if you bought a phone not from us, it will go from China. It will be much longer than if you take the same model we have. She comes from a warehouse in Riga for five days. And maybe even faster. Moreover, the smartphone we have free courier delivery to the address of the buyer!


How to return goods?

Work with the producers directly allows Bringly electronics to provide official services in the Russian Federation. In the case of some of the brands that we sell on our platform, the buyer applies to a service center and receives appropriate support.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

Regarding the return of [makes a serious face]… It can be done for two reasons: either the goods arrived non-working, or found a factory defect. Then the vendor has two options. If it has a service center in Russia, he can use it. If it is uninteresting or unprofitable, we may ask the buyer to send the item back to our warehouse. Then when we receive the goods, the compensation value will be made in full.


You sell a lot of clothes. It may not be suitable. How do you solve the issue with pre-fitting?

We have presented various size: European, Russian, and so on. This is the first. Second, our pricing for clothing is so effective that people are missing with the size, not even trying to return the item. The amount that they pay are not commensurate with the time spent on the return: it is necessary to walk to the post office to issue to wrap up.

It’s easier for buyers to give shoes other than do a return. However, this option exists for us, there is a whole procedure to return the order. The buyer can send the item back.


And expenses in doing so he carries?

All offset costs Bringly. The buyer receives the full value of the goods.

And the costs for sending?

We are considering various options. If it is about electronics and it’s really a factory defect, we will compensate all [outlines his hands round]. But if the buyer claims that the item didn’t match description, and the service center makes a decision regarding health or that the defect is not discovered, then the cost of postage and shipping are the responsibility of the client. When the buyer is right and the goods are really defective, all offsets provider.

«До 50% дешевле». Как Bringly покоряет рынок России

Is there a fee making the decision to return?

Each case is treated individually, we. Open debate, the message on the order, the buyer describes his problem. With electronics just: road or service center, or to our expert Committee the quality control Department is responsible for all incoming requests to «Yandex.Market», «Take», Bringly.

With the other more difficult. Open debate, he’s joined by representatives of the supplier, we look at what is wrong — a problem with the size, an incorrect or non-working product. Then is an individual decision. Not to say that we do refunds for all, but also can’t say if all refuse. If the person got the wrong size, we can explain how it happened. For example, he looked at us size and thought it was Russian, we will make a decision satisfying and beneficial to all.


Last question. You told me that you can reduce the price by 50%, but what’s the point? It is easier to restrict 10-20% is already a significant discount.

I think at the moment, it’s important to attract buyers the biggest difference is the price they used to pay in the region [nods thoughtfully]. Each category is very sensitive to the slightest increase in percentage margin.

Now we have an important turnover of goods, the range and the number of buyers coming to our platform. How to earn on a particular category — we’ll decide later.

We will seek a balance between profit and price, which is interesting for our audience and our customers.

I would like to appeal to forum members: we’d love to hear your ideas about how you would like to see the category electronics in the future. If you know of brands or products, are worthy of attention, please let me know in the comments and we will gladly expand our range.


Talked Arsen Simonyan