Equipment company Huawei are appreciated for good quality, balance of price and features. New Chuwi AeroBook — thin, lightweight, metal housing, with Core M, SSD and passive cooling is already out on sale. It’s time to take a closer look at the laptop that the users voted with their pocketbooks. On kraudfandingovoy site Indiegogo a draft AeroBook collected worth 10 times more than required.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне

First impression

In the closed state of the laptop resembles a tablet with a case keyboard. Small dimensions (just a centimeter wider than an A4 sheet) and a thickness of 1.5 see the backpack on the back of the ultrabook is almost not felt. It is comfortable to wear and hand bag — the weight allows. Design Chuwi fans will appreciate the minimalism. AeroBook made in dark grey colour schemes, and it does not violate any colorful details. Cover of anodised magnesium alloy and aluminium prozhimaet outside and almost no backlash when twisting. A hinge mounting the display is recessed into the main body.

To build quality no complaints. Except that the keyboard is slightly pressed in the middle. Speakers sound not quiet but not too loud for watching videos in a quiet setting at the time. On the bottom panel rubberized feet and cover the SSD. Air vents no, notebook passive cooling.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне


In AeroBook set IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a thin part on the sides and top. The thickness of the framework allowed us to fit the 13.3-inch screen into the housing, the dimensions of which correlated with a 12-inch solutions. The display is not matte, glare. With the angles the situation is not bad as you can expect from a laptop priced about $ 500.

Note good color coverage, and the use of technology of full lamination. It removes the air layer between the matrix and covering it with glass. This ultimately makes the image very realistic, like it appears on the surface of the screen. The stock brightness is good, to work comfortably.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне

Keyboard and trackpad

The typing is one of the most important parameters for ultrabook. Keyboard, the new product Chuwi made of black plastic with a cover that collects fingerprints. However, they can be easily erased. The keys are very comfortable size, they are quite large, if compared with the average keyboards. The course of about 1.5 millimeters, but the speed of printing they do not make noise that will appreciate the surrounding.

The keyboard has two levels of illumination controlled by the button and F6. Interesting point: more functions on the keys of a number F is assigned as master and Vice versa. To use, for example, a page refresh by pressing F5, you must also hold down Fn. Peculiar, however it is easy to get used to.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне

The trackpad provides robust management clearly recognizes gestures and clicks. You want the habit to first try to hit the keys that simulate the left and right mouse buttons — they are quite small. The rough surface of the trackpad is good, this decreases the probability of erroneous input. In General, the ergonomics can be evaluated on a five minus.

Autonomy, performance

AeroBook confident to cope with office problems: it is convenient to work with the text offline and online, it ain’t retarding. Considering not the new Intel Core M3 and not particularly powerful graphics card, it is clear that the laptop is obviously not for top games. It is, of course, run some popular hit five years ago. But to get the sane fps will have to reduce the level of graphics or even screen resolution. In benchmarks and under load Chuwi heated, fixed peak rate is 65 degrees, this is a good result.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне

The speed depends on the drive. In General on a review of the engineering sample AeroBook installed terabyte SSD M. 2 standard. In production models, according to the users of our forum, the total memory is 256 GB (removable SSD 128 GB plus 128 GB soldered on-Board eMMC memory). In addition, serial samples are equipped with connector USB Type-C. On the official website declared support for standard fast charging Power Delivery 2.0.

Very pleased with the autonomy of the new item. Battery built-in 38 watt-hours in a mixed scenario with text and browsing web sites (and the keypad backlight off) completely dead in 7 hours. And it’s in the «optimal performance». If desired, the working time can stretch for another hour and a half.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне


Intel Core M3-6Y30, 2.20 GHz, 2 cores, 4 threads, process technology 14 nm
Video CARD
Intel HD Graphics 515, 850 MHz
M. 2 SSD 128 GB + 128 GB eMMC
The 13.3″ Full HD (1920×1080) IPS, 16:9, glossy
2 x USB 3.0, USB type-c 3.1 Gen 1
30,85 x 20.9 x 1,52 cm, 1,26 kg without battery
support Power Delivery 2.0, memory expansion up to 1 TB (SD), backlight keyboard, fanless design

Test results

156 748
Single-core — 2492
Multi-core — 4741
Cloud Gate 4231 (5643 graphics, physics 2256)
Night Raid 2766 (graphics 3048, the processor 1815)
Sky Diver 2482
10 2067
OpenGL has 25.51 fps
CPU — 200 CB
CPU single-core — 80 CB
7 hours in mixed mode

The results

Ultrabook Chuwi AeroBook is a good example of what not to underestimate the Chinese products brands. Petite, but sturdy, the laptop gives good battery life coupled with adequate performance. At the time for work in office applications and exploring the vast network. The manufacturer is known on the home market and managed to establish itself among our countrymen.

Обзор Chuwi AeroBook: доступный ноутбук в тонком дизайне

It is clear that AeroBook — this device is not for gaming, but users will appreciate the durable case, slim frame, decent keyboard. For their money the option is at least curious.

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