Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen reactionaries: the most sociable race of the first PlayStation is back — updated and improved with the latest technology. But beauty, as we know, requires sacrifice. Now, managed the team Beenox to avoid them.

Где мои 12 лет… Обзор Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Then suddenly, the clone Mario Kart deserves attention in 20 years? Business in the professional execution of every detail. To deliberate on the tracks, the mechanics of drift, choice of characters and classes.

Turn the steering wheel and throw a bomb at opponents it is interesting so far, despite the horribly outdated graphics.

Been doing for centuries — even the authors of the sequel, Crash Nitro Kart failed to repeat the magic of angular original. That’s why the announcement of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled perceived in two ways. On the one hand, it’s time! And on the other — do survived the same gameplay? In this respect there is good news… and some bad.

Need for speed

Beenox Studio’s in a pickle, because the masterpiece of 1999 required not just a facelift of textures. It is actually rebuilt: redraw the scenery, restored engine, the physics and driving feel. Fortunately, it took real fans.

Где мои 12 лет… Обзор Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

They reproduced every detail, from the inspirational monologue at the main menu to the latest bumps in the Tiger Temple. The same meticulousness was evident in the preview version, but there were only three classical level. Now came the remaining 27 — all with dozens of unique features and references for fans of the crash.

Developers do not have to repair the healthy routes competition from the first part has not changed, even cutting — in familiar places.

But the levels of the sequel edit — stages-gravity is no more. Partially altered alignment, the second part was good too. Staff Beenox brought to mind ideas of the original team, making just a good race in an incredibly beautiful sight. Just compare Electron Avenue 2004 with its updated version!

Где мои 12 лет… Обзор Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

With wheelbarrows full order: they all move in almost the same way as during the first PS. As before, the head of the corner drift even on straights the aces enter into a controlled skid. If the time to give gas, you can get a considerable speedup. And missed — get ready for a crash. Who said it would be easy?

At first, the complexity is discouraging: tracks winding everywhere missiles, it is necessary to constantly perform the QTE. Anticipating the reaction of the novice, the authors took the liberty of added a few visual cues like bright lights up at the right time wheels. Professionals don’t pay attention to them, but novice drivers are such a small thing will help to learn the basics.

Где мои 12 лет… Обзор Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

The same happened with a single campaign: the essence is retained, and items adorned in the imagination. From new — only animated cutscene before bosses. The rest looks familiar — looking veterans not collect all the trophies for the evening-another.

Sorry, in the single, there was no place for content Crash Nitro Kart. The route of the a good continue, you can try only using the main menu, and pilots and did have to buy the in-game store — other ways to get hold of all sorts of Led and Crunches are not delivered. But without spending real money: vumpa-fruit give for victory — and especially generous prizes online.

It’s hard to Express the joy at the sight of familiar scenery, the bitterness of defeat, the willingness to break Joypad due to another complex time (damn developers and their furious records!)… And then, finally, the excitement produced almost blood of victory.

Где мои 12 лет… Обзор Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Beenox managed to not just copy the appearance of the original, but to convey his spirit, which Crash Team Racing carries no joke. Leisure becomes a series of never-ending excuses. «A couple minutes», «until victory — and in bed». It is not a triumph is it? The saddest thing is that not everything is as smooth as we would like.

Yes, it’s time for those «bad news».

Temporary difficulties

Beautiful picture and timeless gameplay spoil the trivia — fan of the original video throat. For example, Sewer Speedway after a jump can be randomly embedded into hanging from the ceiling pipe and the slip from first to third, or even lower. Pro will argue that «there can be regain the lead with the help of cutting» — only it in the new CTR somehow works through time.

Somewhere raspberries spoil invisible walls — there’s nothing sadder than a sudden stop in the midst of battle with the secret boss in Time Trial mode. But if the fence is noticeable, the threat of accidents is still large: the hitboxes of the cars a little wider than it looks — it’s great confusing.

However, much more frustrating online. Slideshow, inexplicable departures from lobby, the matchmaking is slow, long-lasting effect of the subjects — even after the patch some of the problems aren’t going away. While settings are scarce: it is impossible to exclude the cheat items are only to choose between «Race» (obviously) and «Battle» (desmatch on wheels). And all? And for some, competitions with friends were the main reason to buy a remake.

Где мои 12 лет… Обзор Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

In fairness, and inexplicably durable save on PlayStation 4 certainly will correct in the near future. Podrihtuyut engine, adding stuff on demand. Still, after Activision and Beenox big plans: free DLC, guest characters, new Grand Prix! But this is in the future. But annoying deficiencies are forced to scratch your head now.

And recognize — Beenox so meticulously reproduced one of the biggest hits of PlayStation, which at first did not believe his eyes. Came not without flaws, but the updated CTR reminds about the main — about what we loved video games.


Great race 20 years ago have found a second life and a huge amount of new content. Excellent picture, dynamic arrivals, the opportunity to choose between the original and the updated soundtracks — these must be reprints of the classics.


Even after the patch the online functions somehow, and because of the transition to a new engine a couple of popular srepok now is not the best way. Someone upset frame rate: Nitro-Fueled is 30 fps, not 60 as I would like.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
June 21, 2019
series Mario Kart and Sonic & All-Star Racing
Yes, if you are too lazy to wait for PC release

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