LG Q60 is a new smartphone average. In this South Korean manufacturer made a bid for the triple camera module, the protection according to American military standard and the sound in DTS. Despite a number of flagship chips, the gadget is ambiguous.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

«Drop» and big frame

LG Q60 can easily claim the title of smartphone with the thickest part in the segment. Frame, of course, a little thick but because of the «chin» of almost 1 cm, the gadget looks rather budget. A little spackle keyhole, which hid the front camera. In the settings screen you can hide the «drop» solid fill black or another color.

The Q60 design meets the latest trends. The back panel is made of glossy plastic. It is neatly arranged three lens camera, flash and fingerprint scanner. Modules almost never get kicked out of housing, they will not be so easy to scratch or break. Also glad that the vendor did not abandon the audio Jack are going to be able to connect your favorite headphones.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

On the left side there is a separate button to launch the Google Assistant. It is located next to the volume rocker, causing them to mix it up sometimes. In the settings you can’t reassign the key to other functions, it will only disable the activation assistant.

To the editor of the review came smartphone blue. However, the sale will first go to the classic black version, and later in shops will deliver the gadgets in blue coloring.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Obviously budget display

LG is famous for high-quality IPS-panels, but in Q60 installed a 6.26-inch matrix with a resolution of 1520×720 points. In 2019 spoiled users immediately struck by the average quality of the image pixels clearly visible.

The display may not boast high levels of brightness. On a Sunny day in the street of apparatus to use heavy picture fades in the sun. Even in a room filled with fluorescent light, we would like to move the brightness slider in a big way, although it is already unscrewed to the maximum.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Protection military standard

The smartphone has protection under the American military standard MIL-STD-810G. According to representatives of the company LG Q60 is strong enough to withstand high and low temperature, vibration, drop from a low altitude and wet environment. Throw the camera on the pavement is not necessary, but the plastic case is not likely to break at the first drop on the floor.

Certification MIL-STD-810G does not imply protection from staying in the water — its the novelty of the South Korean brand no.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Three cameras

Key features LG Q60 — triple chamber. First, the module 16 MP with f/2.0 is responsible for the daily shooting. Second with a resolution of 5 MP is needed for wide angle photos with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Auxiliary 2-megapixel is used to measure the depth in portrait mode.

Is the number of cameras seems excessive. Particularly attracted the attention of shirik. It allows you to take pictures, which previously was almost impossible to remove the smartphone with one lens: for example, some large building that does not fit in the frame when to move away from him impossible.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

The quality of the photos corresponds to the class of the smartphone. In daylight they were very decent, with good detail and nice color reproduction. Night appears «soap» and a nice shot of a difficult to do because of the long focus.

Wide angle lens copes with the task, but even daylight shots at the edges of the noticeable blur and drop detailing. Module for portraiture makes beautiful pictures almost without fail.

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Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

An example of shooting on the main camera

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

The same shot on a wide angle module

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Well seen the details in the afternoon

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Shirik has significantly distorted the frame, the corners appeared blur

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

HDR helped to make the bright with a nice color

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Appears good dynamic range, good work with the shadows

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Portrait mode quality work, even the hair

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

In the dark fall sharpness and detail

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

An example of a snapshot with 13 MP front camera and no extra modes and filters

The smartphone records videos in Full HD. It is worth noting a good detail, but the movement is noticeable the lack of optical stabilization.

Cheap filling

Responsible for the performance of the combination of 3 GB RAM and OCTA core MediaTek Helio P22. The volume of internal storage of 64 GB is easily expanded using memory cards up to 2 TB.

As for iron, the apparatus is not the most powerful. In everyday use well noticeable slowdowns. Smartphone often stutters when scrolling through the tabs in a notebook, best personal Finance ribbons in Twitter and other applications.

With games everything is quite predictable: heavy shooter PUBG Mobile runs on low graphics settings, and the «Tanks» you can play average with a comfortable amount of fps.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

LG Q60 supports DTS: X 3D Sound. It includes headphones software and simulated 7.1-channel surround sound as in the cinema. Watch movies with such a technology is really enjoyable.

Another feature of mobile — NFC-module. Contactless payments via Google Pay run without problems.

Own interface

LG Q60 is powered by Android 9.0 with brand launcher. Shell has a huge number of functions: some users will have to adapt to this diversity.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

So in your lock display with as much as 15 menu items. To enable easy recognition function face, need to do following way: settings — General — lock screen and security — set up a secure lock — Smart Lock — unlock in the face. A bit too much.

Developers do not have to invent their own ways gestural control of the smartphone, and the implementation of pure Android with the key in the middle. If you pull the button up, it opens a menu with all applications like Google Pixel. However, in the shell from LG default there is no such panel: is software that is installed directly to your desktop. It turns out that when you activate the swipe control, the user in addition receives a new menu that can not be removed.

A decent autonomy

The phone includes a battery capacity of 3500 mAh, allowing you to actively use the gadget in almost a full day. If the owner does not get too lean on the social network, the device can go without recharging for two days. This is largely due to the average CPU power and screen with a low resolution.

Обзор LG Q60: три камеры как главный козырь

Video playback in Flight mode on the average brightness of the display, the smartphone worked for almost 14 hours. Hour game PUBG with the Wi-Fi took a 17% charge. Support fast charging is not, and as a connector used micro-USB devices similar level I would like to see USB Type-C.


6,26’, IPS, 1520×720, 269 ppi
CPU MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762, 2.0 GHz
GPU PowerVR GE8320

3 GB
64 GB
3500 mAh
the main— 16 + 2 + 5 MP, front 13 MP
unlock face, MIL-STD-810G, NFC

Test results

72 370
Geekbench 4
768 single-core
3394 multi-core
up to 12 hours of video playback
up to 6 hours of game PUBG

The results

LG Q60 could be an interesting alternative to the leaders of the smartphone market in its price category, but the novelty many compromises: weak screen, low productivity, micro-USB connector, hard shell. The advantages of the device include a triple camera that allows you to make shots from different angles, and, of course, record multichannel sound.

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