While most manufacturers make a fragile glass device, breaking the fall with the coffee table, Blackview updating the line of indestructible smartphones. New BV9700 Pro is the flagship: a large high-quality display, dual camera, NFC, wireless charging, 6 and 128 GB of memory.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The maximum brutal case

The model demonstrates that it is protected from any external influences. Body covered with a thick layer of PVC on the sides of the smartphone is enhanced with inserts of titanium-aluminum alloy that provides the gadget safety when falling on any side. The device is cumbersome, although for this type of devices it is not a bug, but a feature.

The model is certified in two levels of protection — IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD 810G. The first two ensure the ability to safely stay under water at a depth of five feet for 30 minutes. MIL-STD-810G suggests that the smartphone meets the requirements imposed by the gadgets the us army. In the framework of a military test checks how well the device is protected from extreme temperatures, is resistant to precipitation, frost, humidity, drops and damage.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

4PDA testing showed that the model is not afraid of immersion in a bucket of water for a few hours and falling from a height of about two meters. Sometimes it seemed that a fall in the street armored gadget rather break the tile than the break itself.

The screen responds to wet fingers, and the smartphone can be used immediately after contact with water. BV9700 in Pro no extra plugs to single USB Type-C connector is fully open. Speakers protected by waterproof membranes.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Gentleman’s set of shift workers

BV9700 Pro got not only the armored casing but also the set of software that is useful to people of different professions. Useful tools presented in the original «Tools», where there is a level, compass, sound level meter, accurate barometer.

There is even a barometric altimeter smartphone is able to determine the height at which is at the moment. By the way, information on the height and pressure allows you to more accurately calculate the coordinates on the GPS.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The gadget is equipped with a built-in sensor measuring the level of CO2, analyzing air quality. You can see the level of harmful chemical compounds, and a special program will report threshold concentrations indoors or outdoors.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

In addition, Blackview equipped with a heart rate monitor located on the rear panel. For measuring the heart rate enough to put finger on the sensor. Due to the special green led’s smartphone fails to perform the amount of reflected light that allows you to accurately count your heart rate.

With information on the pulse is easier to distribute workload in training or in the campaign. In addition, the device has a built-in pedometer: it will track the distance travelled and track calories burned.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Good screen

Screen BV9700 Pro presents high-quality IPS-matrix diagonal of 5.84 inches with a resolution of 2280х1080 pixels. The image density of 432 ppi, so grit is not in sight. The display is protected by tempered glass with oleophobic coating, but on top traditionally glued film.

The picture is bright, with good colour reproduction and maximum viewing angles. On a Sunny day the information is perfectly readable thanks to a decent supply of brightness is 500 nits. On top there is a small «Bang», which has a more decorative function — given an impressive framework, it is unlikely that the manufacturer fought for the extra millimeters of screen space.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Fresh toppings

New from Blackview is the first smartphone with a processor MediaTek Helio P70. The chipset uses four powerful ARM Cortex-A73 processor up to 2.1 GHz and four energy-efficient cores ARM Cortex-A53 2.0 GHz. As the accelerator runs Mali-G72 MP3. Synthetic tests show that P70 is comparable in performance with the Snapdragon 670.

The main advantages of the processor — work with artificial intelligence and a good energy efficiency. Smart filling helps the camera to understand what is in front of her, and automatically choose the settings for optimal frame. Also, the AI distributes the load among the applications by off-loading seldom-used program and loading the necessary software in advance.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The smartphone has 6 GB of RAM. This is more than enough to be able to work multitasking — can run multiple heavy apps and switch between them. Power filling enough for a nimble interface and smooth run almost any program. The volume of internal storage of 128 GB can easily be expanded with a memory card.

Blackview Pro BV9700 got the NFC sensor. Contactless payment with Android Pay works flawlessly.

The device supports all major satellite systems — GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou. New copes with the role of the Navigator: cold start takes a few seconds and the connection with the satellites is not lost during long trips in a dense urban environment — tested in the Metropolitan area of Nekrasovka.

Everything is at hand

The developers have positioned the fingerprint scanner on the right side. It’s convenient: the sensor always at hand, your finger finds it easily, and accidental pressures are excluded.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

You can also use the face recognition function. She works quickly and accurately. Difficulties sometimes arise in the dark at night is better to rely on the fingerprint scanner.

On the left side there is a customizable button, which is easy to hang any functions. For example, a single press will start the torch, a double turn on the camera, and a long tap will make a screenshot.

Camera with surprise

The camera has a dual module sensor at 16 MP (aperture f/1.75) and 8 MP (f/2.0). It supports shooting in portrait mode with the bokeh effect. To improve the quality of photos used scene analysis using artificial intelligence. Resolution frontali — 16 MP.

Along with BV9700 Pro, you can purchase an external camera for night photography. It uses high sensitive Sony sensor Starvis IMX291 with a wide-angle lens designed specifically for shooting in the dark. The pixel size in the module is 2.9 nm, which is several times larger than the standard in the main cameras of smartphones.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The quality of the night photos from the external module is not amazing, but it makes the footage much better than the built-in matrix BV9700 Pro. In cases when the smartphone is able to remove a dark spot, light-sensitive camera delivers a bright picture with well-distinguishable objects.

Examples of shooting on conventional and external camera (it made more light frames):

1 / 4

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The module connects via the USB Type-C. he has a long cable with a block button and there is a special clip for fixing on clothing. It is useful to use external module instead of the action camera to record video during an active holiday.

As for the quality of recording on the main camera, in good light, the device emits sufficient by the standards of class detail and nice color reproduction. The staff lacks a bit of dynamic range. Night noises appear, the smartphone often catches the glare from the lights.

1 / 6

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Daytime shooting. Good detail

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The bright without obvious defects

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Here are a few is not enough dynamic range

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

I want to slightly tweak the contrast in a graphics editor

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

The camera coped with a summer sketch, but the sharpness in the image is unimportant

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках

Shooting in portrait mode. There are some minor inaccuracies in the blur, but turned out pretty good

The handset records video. The quality is low, due to the absence of stabilization.

Two days without recharging

The smartphone is equipped with a battery 4380 mAh. Thanks to a capacious battery and energy efficient processor the gadget is easy works a day without recharging in active use. If you do not lean on social networks and instant messengers, the novelty will easily last until evening the next day.

Gadget supports fast charging Protocol MediaTek Pump Express. From complete adapter the device charges fully in two hours. There is also support for fast wireless charging at 10 watts, which is approximately 30% more powerful than normal solutions.

Обзор Blackview BV9700 Pro: брутал на максималках


Of 5.84”, IPS, 2280х1080
CPU MediaTek Helio P70
GPU Mali-G73

6 GB/ 128 GB
16 MP
4380 mAh
LTE, Wi-Fi b/g/n 2.4/5GHz, NFC, IP68

Test results

145 945
1540 single-core
5823 multi-core
up to 15 hours of video playback

The results

Blackview BV9700 Pro was one of the most advanced armored gadgets. In addition to the serious protection of the smartphone has many useful sensors and utilities that can help out in difficult situations. It is worth noting an interesting external camera for night photography, a powerful battery with wireless charging and NFC. New suitable for users who purchase the device is not for a glamorous selfie and games, and to make it work in dust, dirt, water, wasn’t afraid of falling and had all the latest functions.