The company’s motto Aperture of the greats of the game Portal was: «Do what must because we can!» It seems that a similar phrase was guided by the ASUS engineers, creating the most powerful on the market smartphone. But where to put all this youthful heart? Understand how the novelty makes mobile gaming more enjoyable.

Главные фишки ASUS ROG Phone 2 для бескомпромиссного гейминга

Powerful processor

ASUS ROG Phone 2 is the first phone that received the improved model of the top-end Snapdragon 855. The novelty has received the prefix Plus. Core-chipset is no different from the usual. However, the clock frequency of the main core Kryo 485 Gold in it above: 2,96 GHz against of 2.84 GHz in the standard version. According to Qualcomm, single-threaded performance of the novelty is better 4.2% percent. Graphics processor Adreno 640 has also become faster: 672 MHz vs 585 MHz in the standard Snapdragon 855. The chipset has a separate AI module that makes 7 trillion calculations per second. This unit intelligently allocates resources of a smartphone, increasing the comfort of gaming. The manufacturer claims that the new «stone» will do even better, not only games, but AR and VR applications. And the cooling system will not let the housing become hot during prolonged use.

Fast memory

As is known, places a release does not happen much. Internal memory here as much as 512 GB is enough for a bunch of hits. Note that ROG Phone 2 became the world’s third largest gadget with high-speed memory UFS 3.0. With excess and standard LPDDR4x RAM : 12 GB. modern flagships often cost much less.

Beautiful picture

What is the use of a super CPU if the display does not give a perfect picture? The phone ASUS has no such problem. The phone sports AMOLED panel with Full HD resolution+ (2340 x 1080 pixels). Size does not prevent to hold the device easily and provides complete immersion in the gameplay. Supported standard HDR10, so colors are more natural, and the gradient transitions are smooth. The screen refresh rate up to 120 frames per second. This figure, however, does not support all games. But Shadowgun: Legends already provides such indicators. Hopefully soon catch up and the other developers.

Главные фишки ASUS ROG Phone 2 для бескомпромиссного гейминга

Powerful battery

Gaming smartphone, discharging five minutes, — a thing senseless. ROG Phone have 2 problems with no autonomy: the device is supplied with battery, 6000 mAh battery with support for fast charging. To be connected to the outlet does not interfere with the entertainment apparatus equipped with two ports of Type S. One, as in most of the models on the bottom, on the side. It’s more convenient to hold the cell phone horizontally while charging.

Useful accessories

The original ROG Phone sported a set of add-ons from removable cooler to the second screen turning the gadget into a kind of pumped the Nintendo DS. In the second version of accessories is also much cooler and the display did not disappear. Also equipped with a detachable controllers — just like a Switch. And if debut model fit all this stuff into the huge suitcase, then at this time there relatively tiny bag.

And what this does in the end, the gamer?

Why tell if it is better to see for yourself? Looks like gaming on ASUS ROG Phone 2.