It is believed that for the hero of this article are enough and 25-watt charging

The informant network known under the name Ice Universe, who regularly shares exclusive information about the novelties of the mobile industry, has posted another information about speed of charging of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

As we already reported, Samsung Galaxy Note10+ charging two times faster than Galaxy and iPhone Note9 XS Max, and is significantly ahead of the OnePlus 7 Pro, although the latter has a smaller battery capacity and more powerful charging.

According to new data from China, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is fully charged in 64 minutes. That is, the previously announced record had already been beaten by the hero notes. At the same time for 10 minutes, the smartphone is charging from 0 to 22%, in half an hour the charge is replenished to 64% in 60 minutes the battery charges to 96%.

Когда 45 Вт не нужны. Samsung Galaxy Note10+ уже улучшил свой же рекорд зарядки

In may brand 25-watt charging Samsung compared with 15-watt charging last generation, and came to the conclusion that there is no difference. Insider and Twitter users also agree, according to which 45-watt charger, which is not yet at its disposal the first owners of the smartphone will not be able to charge Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is significantly faster, but for the life of the battery it could have in a negative way.