Automattic has no plans to lift the ban on adult content entered by the previous owner

According to the source, Verizon is selling the social network Tumblr, which is a platform for microblogging. The buyer is a company Automattic, created by one of the developers of the content management system WordPress and responsible for the development and promotion of this popular tool.

The transaction amount is unknown, but there is evidence that it is several million dollars. In Automattic will move 200 employees Tumblr. According to the head of Automattic, this is the largest acquisition in the history of his company — both in cost and number of employees.

Verizon продает Tumblr владельцу WordPress

Platform Tumblr was created in 2007 and quickly gained popularity, as it allowed very easy to publish a variety of materials, including videos. By 2013 the number of Tumblr users reached 125 million, but the company was loss-making, directing the attracted funds for expansion. In 2013 it was bought by Yahoo! paying 1.1 billion dollars. However, to get out of this purchase failed because the social network already propped up the competition and openness have led to the fact that the published material was dominated by pornography, repulsive serious advertisers.

After a few years in Yahoo! revised cost Tumblr, writing off a significant amount, and in 2017 the company Verizon bought Yahoo! along with Tumblr and other belonging to Yahoo! services. At that time, the number of Tumblr users has exceeded 475 million, but now it is much smaller. Last year when the Tumblr app was removed from App Store due to content that violates the law, the new owner imposed a ban on the publication of materials for adults. The source says that Automattic has no plans to cancel the ban.