Sony has just introduced the flagship Xperia 5, and we already managed to live to get acquainted with the novelty. The smartphone stands out from the trends though, because it’s smaller predecessor. Share impressions and tell about other features of the compact flagship.

Externally, Xperia 5 was almost a complete copy presented at the beginning of the year Xperia 1. The only difference is the size: new 11% less — 158 x 68 x 167 mm instead of 72 with the same thickness 8.2 mm slim design allows you to fully embrace smartphone hand thumb freely reaches out to the far edge of the screen. So Xperia 5 — one of the most comfortable flagship 2019.

The model has a 6.1-inch OLED-matrix with a resolution of Full HD and HDR support. Display resolution lower than its predecessor, but with a smaller physical size on the image quality is not affected. Also has the added benefit of battery power to be consumed slower. Check it out in the review.

The aspect ratio of the display remains theatrical — 21х9. Such a format has advantages and in addition to viewing widescreen video: the application displays more information, it is convenient to use multi-window mode, opening two programs.

Первый взгляд на Sony Xperia 5: компактность снова в моде

The screen is bright and supports two display modes: a normal traditional OLED saturation and «Mode Creator» in which the content is reproduced in the expanded color range — the way it was intended. Can be set to automatically enable this mode when you run certain apps like Netflix. In addition, there is a manual white balance.

Design and ergonomics

Первый взгляд на Sony Xperia 5: компактность снова в моде

Front and back camera is covered by tempered glass Gorilla Glass 6. As usual, it instantly becomes covered by fingerprints, which is especially noticeable in the version in black. However, they can also easily and quickly erased. There are also options in grey, blue and red colors, which marks less noticeable.

Первый взгляд на Sony Xperia 5: компактность снова в моде

All the controls are on the right side. Except volume buttons and power, below is one more responsible for turning the camera on and release the shutter. There is a fingerprint scanner: its work no complaints — works quickly and accurately. Also here is the unique function of the Sense Side, which allows to manage your smartphone by the swipe on screen edge. For example, you can use it to display a menu quick access to your favorite applications.

Первый взгляд на Sony Xperia 5: компактность снова в моде

Like its predecessor, the Xperia 5 no audio Jack 3.5 mm. Fans wired headphones will need an adapter from USB Type-C Stereo sound without distortion, but not enough volume, and the volume they have not a record. The lack of bass compensates for the vibration of the smartphone during action scenes on display.


Camera Xperia 5 completely the same as the Xperia 1, just located a little differently — shifted in the corner. It consists of three modules, each of which performs its task. For the usual photo — 26-mm lens with optical stabilization. For shooting with the approach of the second lens 56 mm with two-fold optical zoom and stabilization. Third, 16-mm, is designed for extra wide shots.

Like its predecessor, a focus on the eyes, video recording with an aspect ratio of 21:9 at 24 fps and shooting verzameling rollers 960 fps.

Первый взгляд на Sony Xperia 5: компактность снова в моде

Special attention should be paid to the work of artificial intelligence. In most smartphones this feature detects the scene and appropriately processes the image, but Sony in neural networks are much healthier. Even before you press the shutter button the AI will warn you if the frame were the finger of the owner or the camera is not focused on the desired object. And after shooting alert blinked if the man in the photo and not have to do the lubricated.

Advanced photo and video capabilities — perhaps the most important feature of the new Sony device. We failed to test them for a short time Dating, let’s do it in the full review Hperia 5. While it is possible to get a General idea of our review of the Xperia 1 and a separate article about the video. Camera modules, hardware and software, these two smartphones are the same.

The hardware and software

In the flagship of the second half of 2019, we expect to see the Snapdragon 855+, but instead has a Snapdragon 855. And it does not affect the use of real case studies. Tests Xperia 1 showed that this platform can easily cope with even the most heavy games. Memory the new smartphone is also identical to the predecessor: 6 GB of RAM, hard drive 128 GB and support for microSD cards up to 512GB.

The smartphone is currently available on Android 9 Pie. In addition to the standard functions of the OS, in software there are several useful additional features. For example, the notifications menu and quick settings is called swipe from any point on the desktop. And proprietary game mode not only improves performance, but also to find gaming on the Internet or record gameplay.

Первый взгляд на Sony Xperia 5: компактность снова в моде

Our acquaintance with Xperia 5 turned fugitive, so any differences from the Xperia 1 we might have missed. Consider a new closer as soon as the device gets to us for review. First of all it is interesting to test the camera and autonomy, because the compact housing has a smaller battery capacity.