Parse the important events of the past week. In this issue: the release of the Android 10, new Berlin IFA 2019, a surprise for the Russians from AliExpress both.

Google знакомит с Android 10, AliExpress складывает в один пакет. Главное за неделю

In the ten

Google promised September 3 to roll out Android — Google kept his word. Recently, the developers finally introduced the audience with «ten». What’s new? In a release build is pushed improved navigation, smart answers and a dark theme. Else conjured over the confidentiality and a little walked on the interface design. A more detailed list of changes see the mobile OS in this material.

Traditionally the first fresh version of the OS try the owners of the Google Pixel. But this time the honor was awarded to other users. Tasting allowed owners of Redmi, OnePlus and Essential Phone. Pleasantly surprised.

IFA 2019: every day, the announcement

No sooner had the Internet to really discuss Android 10, how came the next event in Berlin launched the IFA 2019. At the electronics show was Packed suitcases as a little-known start-UPS and seasoned players in the market. Many have already managed to shoot: brought Intel chips Ice Lake, Motorola — «four-eyed» Moto One Zoom, Nokia — smart «clamshell» on KaiOS, and TCL took bend competitor Galaxy Fold. Want to be aware of trends IFA 2019? Then you are here at this link.

Google знакомит с Android 10, AliExpress складывает в один пакет. Главное за неделю

AliExpress — all in one package

Recently, the largest trading platform allowed the Russians to assemble the orders into one package. They also promise quick delivery, less risk of errors, loss and theft. The main condition — the value of purchases to exceed $5. So AliExpress can not only reduce logistics costs but also to honor clients in their desire to spend big. It would seem, is not news, and the song, Yes, but everywhere has its «but». About the nuances of innovation read our material.

Smartphone my smartphone

Analysts have noticed that we have less to change phones. Go with one device a year and a half or even four. The reasons for such a long and strong relationship many. Some, for example, in native gadget all too happy to suddenly leave. Others can’t find a decent replacement, while others simply do not see much difference between that and this smartphone. Incidentally, we even asked you, how long you use a cell phone. Please share your opinion if you have not told!

That’s all, have a good weekend!