But this is to be expected

The main yurkonsul’tant and President of Microsoft brad Smith (Brad Smith) the other day spoke negatively toward the American government because of the conflict with Huawei.

Smith called the government’s attitude to the Chinese giant non-American, focusing on the fact that such decisions to ban should not be taken without reliable facts, logic and legal grounds.

Президент Microsoft раскритиковал правительство США из-за санкций относительно Huawei

Smith also remembered that when Microsoft sent an official request to the relevant US authorities about this situation, I received a response which stated that, if Microsoft knew what the government knows, the company would have agreed with him.

Well, show us what you know so we can decide this question for themselves. That and running this country

Smith also expressed concern about the fact that Huawei is only the first swallow, and in the future, the U.S. government can expand a similar experience. However, Huawei is a large customer of Microsoft, so the latest interest to this issue can be regarded from the point of view of direct benefits, not just justice.