What looks an experienced player when choosing a monitor? Of course, at a high refresh rate and fast response time. Gigabyte AORUS released CV27Q — gaming model with sweep 165 Hz, QHD resolution and a concave matrix. Whether new to the hearts of lovers of online battles? You can only validate one way. Fight!

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

165 Hz and 1 MS — what is remarkable about these numbers?

What’s important in games? The picture quality and the fastest response to an event. The first condition is solved just in a timely manner doing an upgrade of a video card and admire the benefits of ray tracing. The second point is more difficult. No matter how many shots were given powerful hardware, everything depends on the refresh rate of 60 Hz, a standard office monitor.

The more frames per second is capable of displaying the display, the higher the chance to win a shooter on the highest difficulty or in eSports batch.

So the numbers are constantly growing. More recently, the scanning frequency of 120 Hz in the LCD panels was considered excellent, and now in the course of models that can display 144 or 165 Hz.

Another key parameter is the response time of the matrix. If it is too big, the quality of dynamic gameplay will be seriously affected. Appears distortion and loops when running, jumping and other quick movements. To shoot at Dodger opponents will also be harder. The third important figure is the so-called input lag (input lag). This is the time it takes the electronics of the monitor to calculate the received signal and display the picture on the display.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

Do not think that all of these parameters are so small that they can be neglected. Put the three values together we get the total delay. Therefore, the gaming machines are required to have a lower input lag and response time. But hercovka the opposite: the higher it is, the better.

It is with these characteristics and has a matrix AORUS CV27Q. Response time is 1 MS — the value is excellent. Impressive scanning frequency: 165 Hz with a resolution of 1440p with enough for the most violent network Zaruba. Good option «for growth», even if the home computer does not pull fresh hits with such fps. After upgrading hardware new, Gigabyte will reveal its potential in all its glory.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

Why you need a curved display

AORUS CV27Q equipped with a curved LCD panel with curvature 1500R. At a diagonal of 27” the advantages of bending do not appear as clearly as on the display 34 to 37 inches and above. But the advantages of such solutions are available. On a flat monitor image at the edges of the screen becomes a blind area for the gamer. The load on peripheral vision increases, it is easy to overlook an enemy sniper that deals damage from a far corner of the map.

Curved model shortens the distance from the user’s eyes to the edges of the display. Easier to spot the opponent first, and to respond to the attack. The picture quality also wins. AORUS CV27Q matrix is made by technology *VA, it has good viewing angles, but the edges of the frame the image is still slightly fade. Panel bending prevents this problem.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

Such different ergonomics

The device is assembled on Gigabyte conscience, without backlash and creaking plastic. Cliche? But frame and rear panel often crack under light pressure, even in expensive devices. Here flaws there, the producers tried. Stand good: not bulky, but with good stability. The device stands securely on the table.

To assemble the monitor, do not need to bother with a screwdriver — it is installed on the stem for a couple of seconds and just as quickly dismantled.

The gaming design technique often reminiscent of Chinese toys with LEDs. Not to everyone’s taste an abundance of colored panels and flashy lights. But the creators of the AORUS CV27Q a sense of proportion has not changed. RGB backlight available, however it is located on the rear panel and is visible only in total darkness. The front panel is decorated in a restrained manner, so nothing distracts from the network wins.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

There are no questions to the connectors — there are two HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.4, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, and headphone and microphone slot. Is that USB Type-C is not added.

The menu and navigation is done using a small joystick placed on the bottom edge of the monitor. Provides quick access to individual adjustments — just tilt the lever to the side. The idea is good, but the implementation disappoint. The intuitive interface will not be called to the location of the items will have to get used to, and move the joystick up well. Therefore, the first adjustment of the screen may be delayed.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

To play — pleasure

For the 27-inch device, the resolution of 2560×1440 is optimal. Honest 1440p instead of 1080p hackneyed doing their thing: the picture is clearer when compared with the usual Full HD. In this case the load of iron is not as large as those of 4K models. The picture quality is good: covering the display, effectively resist glare and lens flare.

Lighting without flicker Flicker Free allows you to sit behind a monitor and never feel tired.

High gertsovka and fast response time almost do not manifest themselves in a turn-based RPG like Divinity: Original Sin 2. Releases like No Man’s Sky and Kingdom Come: Deliverance 165 Hz too, to anything — to the fore the flexible adjustment of color rendition, good contrast and HDR support. Really AORUS CV27Q is revealed to online shooters.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

Rapid battle in Star Wars: Battlefront II prove important not only direct the hands, but also the equipment. When you are playing with master Yoda or Darth Maul, the emphasis is on speed of movement. Each missed frame is critical. Especially if you have to fight a pair of opponents. Same story with Overwatch: to manage mobile fighters like Genji or Tracer is much easier at a frame rate of 120 fps and above. Less problems with orientation and quick u-turns, increases the accuracy of aiming. For snipers high gertsovka — expanse. The ability of the monitor to render 165 frames per second to ensure minimum lag and no slowdown.

It is easy to react on smallest changes in the environment.

If fps floats, the picture is torn, — of comfort with the gameplay, needless to say. AORUS CV27Q supports FreeSyns 2.0 from AMD. She sinhroniziruete shift frames between the graphics card and monitor. Therefore, the gaps in the images will not irritate the user.

Technology Black Equalizer

One important feature of the new Gigabyte — branded feature Black Equalizer 2.0. It allows you to adjust the black level at 1296 areas of the screen. This in theory improves the study of dark areas in games and movies.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

That sounds great, but how? Mixed impressions: on the one hand, Black Equalizer really brightens shaded fragments frame is well visible that occurs at night, in the basement or a poorly lit corridors. Very useful for horror. However, the picture thus turns out bleached and dull, as if technology lowers the image contrast. For example, Outlast II and Resident Evil 7 become oppressive atmosphere, laid authors. Experimenting with manual adjustable frame, it is possible to improve the situation. In General, the Black Equalizer helps out when there is no time and desire to dig into the menu. A couple clicks of the joystick and the screen brightened. The function has three levels of operation. To the image quality does not suffer, it is better to choose the first.

The results

Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q will be a good choice for keen gamers. With a refresh rate of 165 Hz and response matrix 1 MS any eSports shooter will look great. Curved panel and the 2K resolution will allow you to enjoy high-quality graphics.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q: 165 герц и 1440p для успешной победы

We had to sacrifice only a convenience setting. And technology Black Equalizer is not as good in practice as we would like. However, for advanced users important technical characteristics — with them the new order. And the interface can be done.