September 20, Apple will start selling the iPhone world 11, including the Russian Federation. However prices are far from humane — new empty pocket by itself, and the Russian figures hit record. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will accrue to us over two thousand dollars — more than all other countries. Do Apple thinks we are the richest? Or is it the whim of the local retailers? Explain why this is so.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

For wealthy gentlemen

Recall the situation. iPhone 11 Pro Max in Russia will cost 131 900 roubles, in recalculation on a foreign currency — $2050 at the rate on September 19. In dollar terms this is the highest price on the planet. In the US the phone costs $1500, and in China $1794, France $1839. The difference from 500 to 183 bucks. But incomes are lower than even in China. On wages in the United States and Western Europe, however.

Maybe it’s a special cheat for the max model? When the price tag on top of the device significantly more acres, 5-10 thousand rubles do not play a significant role. Alas, it is not. The iPhone 11 is also above most of its neighbors on the continent. It will cost 59 990 rubles — about 932 dollars. More than in France ($896) and Britain ($908). Not to mention America: there’s «the eleventh» give for $699. In fact, ahead of the Russian rate of just Norway — 947 dollars. However, Norway is generally a very expensive country.

Actually with Apple devices in Russia, a similar situation was always. When I sold the «top ten», she asked considerably more than in the US and developed Asia, but comparable with Western Europe. Here the question arises.

Why is it so expensive? Why in the United States and Japan, the iPhone is cheaper than in Russia? Why our prices are either at the level of Germany or a little higher? There are several reasons.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

As generally is the cost of iPhone in different regions?

Tell briefly. First base bar sets the Cupertino — puts the original price on the iPhone. Say $699. We won’t go into why that is the amount, — an analysis of this phenomenon pulls on separate article. The company then considers how much to throw in different markets, so the whole thing was off.

The allowance consists of logistics costs, state taxes, local cheating retailers, currency risks and so on. If at some stage refers to the substantial spending, the official price of the device immediately grows up.

For example, in not the richest of Hungary’s iPhones are always expensive because there’s high value added tax. VAT is 27%, when the average for Europe and Russia, the figure is 20%. But Hungary is in the center of the continent, there is at least low logistics costs.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

Unlike Latin America, where the numbers on gadgets regularly going full tin. Face it: we’re a little played a cunning trick, writing that Russia’s most inaccessible iPhone 11 Pro Max. Almost certainly in Brazil it will cost even more — just California technogiant has not yet announced a price for this region.

The last time residents of Rio de Janeiro could take «ten» in the minimum configuration for 130 thousand rubles. While in Russia for the phone he asked 87 thousand. Why? In Brazil draconian duties on import of import plus the complicated logistics.

Therefore, in some poor countries epplovskaya technique is more expensive than the relatively rich States and Western Europe.

Why Apple does not force down prices?

Narrow-minded logic is simple: why overseas corporations not to compromise potential revenue, cutting cost iPhone for developing countries? Indeed, absurd — to sell the gadget for 2 thousand dollars! Who will buy it? Alas, this is not always how it works. If the market is important, for the same services sometimes do make a different price. A typical example is the game in the store Gabe Newell.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

American Steam for big releases asking $60, that is, about four thousand roubles. As for consoles Microsoft and Sony. In Russia, the novelty of this online store will cost 1-2 thousand rubles. Publishers understand: if you double the price, with sales in our country can say goodbye. And to throw such a huge segment nobody wants — better to get something than nothing.

Cupertino also introduces regional figures. For example, a monthly subscription on Apple Music costs the Russians $ 169. In the United States about such can only dream of — it’s ten dollars a month. Cheaper and future services: TV Plus and Apple Arcade cost 200 rubles, and in the U.S. for five dollars. Obviously, our market is important to the Californians. So they are ready to offer services for the bargain by global standards the price.

But with iPhones it does not work. In Russia not so many potential buyers flagships for 70-100 thousand clients no one will enter the special price. In contrast to Japan, where last year Apple subsidized contract XR to make them more bought. Staff Tim cook, in principle, try to keep in Asia the low prices, says Vadim Merkulov, the Director of the analytical Department of the IR «freedom Finance». However, this scenario does not Shine.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

«Despite the fact that in some developing countries like India and China have reduced the price due to low sales in the region, in Russia it will not. India and China are key regions for the company from Cupertino, while in Russia there are no prospects», — says the expert.

So there is no point to nod to Japan or China — alas, we are not so important for the «Apple» brand. In addition, Vadim Merkulov said that Apple are inclined to make concessions where there has been a strong fall. In Russia in this sense, all is well: demand is low, but stable.

But one question remains — why the US is still cheaper? Not to mention Europe.

Why not in America?

We need to understand that the ocean no VAT — value added tax. In contrast to Europe, where it varies in the range of 17-27%. So the goods in the States not subject to such an impressive excise tax — this allows you to draw beautiful figures like $699 for iPhone 11. But there is a caveat.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

699 dollars — not the amount that the average American ultimately paid. Add «sales tax». It is not Federal, and floats from state to state. For example, if you take the eleventh iPhone in new York to check priplyusuet even of 8.45%. Will be $ 699 and 758.

The maximum tax in Tennessee is almost 10%, the national average of 5-6 percent. But most of all in this sense, the lucky residents of certain States where the encumbrance is zero. For example, this is Montana, there is really possible to take the gadget for $699.

But even with local tax the difference between the American and European price is still significant.

Why Europe is more expensive than America, more expensive in Russia than in Europe?

First, we remind you about the VAT in European countries, it is higher than us sales tax. Secondly, don’t forget about other factors: delivery, customs clearance, risks and so on. Plus the currency conversion — it is necessary to translate from dollars to euros. Considering all variables, Apple decides what price to set. Often in Central Europe, the premium is about 30%.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

Remains one point. Why the new iPhone will be in Russia even more than in the same Germany? Ruble volatile currency, unlike the Euro. If there is a significant chance of losing money due to exchange fluctuations, the seller takes into account the moment, increasing the value of the goods.

«Apple considers sales in rubles and dollars. But has to sell for rubles. So the price established in a particular region, take into account the forecast of the exchange rate. In this case, Apple does not believe in the ruble and lays in the cost iPhone the possible fall of the ruble», — said in a conversation with 4PDA Sergey Polovnikov, editor-in Content-Review.

But why this difference happened right now? Before the run was 20-50 bucks, now 100-150, if we consider iPhone 11 Max Pro. The thing is that last year Russian VAT was 18%, which is lower than the average for the continent.

Россияне — самые богатые? Почему мы заплатим за iPhone 11 больше всех

Due to this the rate was managed to maintain the small difference price the foreign from the domestic. Despite the foreign exchange risks associated with the ruble. Now VAT is 20 percent and the gap naturally increased. Hence those 180-200 dollars a run between our iPhone 11 Max Pro-European.

Conspiracy sellers there. There are taxes, the unstable exchange rate and shipping goods to Europe. In the near future is unlikely that anything will change. We can only rejoice that we are not living in Latin America — then it would be for the iPhone had to give a year’s salary.