Remember the key events of the past week. In this issue: acquaintance with a folding smartphone Duo Surface from Microsoft, the Kojima’s visit to Moscow, the largest financial leak in history, Russia and more.

Кодзима в Москве, Microsoft показала складной смартфон. Главное за неделю

The smartphone Duo Surface: one and half

Microsoft has shot back at the new products: at the last presentation announced Windows 10X, boasted Earbuds Surface, showed the third generation Surface Laptop and planethotel Neo Surface with two displays on a hinge. Redmonds not stopped. Another of their trump card — a multi-tasking folding Surface Duo smartphone with two displays of 5.6 inches. He and a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop, and who not only. More details can be found here.

Genius in Russia

While Microsoft teased its Surface Duo, Runet broke Hideo kojima: reports on the visit of the Japanese game designers have captured the news. Kojima the kojima se even post with 500 rubles in Instagram absoutely. And, judging by our survey results, such excitement is a little tired users 4PDA. And the genius is already here as here — goes to Moscow and looks for transmission.

Before you go into the Garage and go to the «IgroMir», God kissed the Creator appeared on the show «Evening Urgant». Screen of the Federal channel Japanese modestly admitted that a genius does. But the talented people that surround him — different story. To the true geniuses, he took figures of cinema like Andrei Tarkovsky whose work is always inspiring.

Кодзима в Москве, Microsoft показала складной смартфон. Главное за неделю

Always there

While some on the edge of his chair waited the evening Kojima, the other nervously monitored the balance of green credit cards. Good: the network has leaked a database of customers of Sberbank, which the media dubbed «the largest in the Russian banking sector». According to «Kommersant», is not a local leak, but a real «unloading database» one of the employees. For 60 million customers.

Name, passport card number, work address and residence, date of birth, the amount and frequency of payments — all this and more you can buy for pennies. A profile costs only 5 rubles. On the scale of the incident and likely consequences, read the material 4PDA.

We saddled drone of «Yandex»!

«Yandex» has a long and successful trial run of Autonomous cars. Self-sufficient «swallows» arrange a serious test drives on the roads of Moscow and Kazan. And they do it without stress — tested. Journalists 4PDA ride around the capital and talked with the Director of business development drones «Yandex» Artem Fokin, find out all the fun. The link — pictures, videos, personal experiences and a generous handful of interesting details.

That’s all, have a good weekend!