This is more than the iPhone

15 Oct Realme company will present its first full-fledged flagship. About the model Realme X2 Pro we know almost everything except price. But still, something new manufacturer to tell us managed.

As is known, the smartphone will have a 90 Hz screen, and it will probably be the most affordable machine on the market with such a display. However, as it turned out, the screen will be another feature.

«Убийца Xiaomi» получит дисплей со 135-герцовым сенсором

The polling rate of the touch layer will be 135 Hz, which should positively affect the work in some modes. For example, in some dynamic games. For comparison, the current iPhone frequency is 120 Hz.

Also podanym Realme boasts a new fingerprint scanner, which supposedly will be triggered only of 0.23 C.

«Убийца Xiaomi» получит дисплей со 135-герцовым сенсором

Recall that the smartphone will receive Snapdragon SoC 855 Plus, NFC, 50-watt charge and is expected to be cheaper than $ 420.