The patch is already available to users

Antivirus update released by Symantec for Endpoint Protection, perpetrate a real defeat on the users ‘ systems, causing a fatal error and sending the computers into an infinite loop of reboots.

Антивирус вызвал «синий экран смерти» у множества компьютеров со всеми версиями Windows

The problematic update was released by Symantec on October 14. Users soon thereafter began to complain about the so-called «blue screen of death».

This message characteristic blue color, which is displayed after fatal system errors in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Problems arose on all versions of Windows, including server and client Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Symantec quickly acknowledged the problem and have even managed to release a fix. The developer recommends users to install, although in some cases, it is almost impossible for the system crashing before the update has time to set. For such cases it is recommended to boot the computer in safe mode.