IBM income for the period amounted to 18.0 billion dollars

IBM has published the report for the third quarter of this year. The reporting period, it completed with income 18,028 billion. This figure was 3.9% less in annual terms, but if to take into account the change in the exchange rate, only 0.6% less.

Опубликован отчет IBM за третий квартал 2019 года

Operating profit for the year decreased from 2,996 billion to $ 1,522 billion dollars. Gross profit decreased from 46.9 per cent to 46.2%. Net profit also decreased, from 2,694 billion to $ 1,672 billion.

During the quarter was generated cash flow of $ 3.6 billion, of which $ 1.6 billion was paid out to shareholders. As at the end of the quarter at the disposal of IBM was 11.0 billion dollars. The debt to IBM, including 32.1 billion dollars, which shall be in the division of Global Financing is 66,3 billion. This is 6.7 billion less than in the previous quarter. Recall that a large debt is partly linked to purchase Red Hat for $ 34 billion.