A good gaming monitor is, first and foremost, fast response time and high gertsovka. But not only that. Picture quality is also important, otherwise not be able to immerse into the game world. But advanced players still picky about fine tuning. Select game mode, set the update frequency to maintain the desired preset… does the Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P level of expectation? Find out in the review.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

Stunning to look at

In expressiveness the monitor will not refuse. The design of the AORUS FI27Q-P is practically devoid of aggressive forms, but from the first glance it is clear — we play model. Slim stand with tapering legs is made in a V-shape. Side frames are narrow, and on the bottom is the logo of the game series AORUS.

The rear panel is equipped with RGB-backlit.

Who likes to play in the dark, can beautifully illuminate the wall behind the monitor and the surrounding area, though not too intense. For everyone else it will be an overpayment for the illumination, which is still not clear. In the settings there are three color effects, and if you want this beauty you can disable. Commendable indicator on the front panel: he is white and placed at the bottom of the frame, so the light does not distract from the gameplay.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

Immediate response

The success of the passing game is directly proportional to the straightness of hands of the gamer. Axiom? Unconditional. But in dynamic shooters and PvP-battles, much depends on the ability of technology as quickly as possible to respond to changes in the environment. The more frames per second is capable to display the monitor, the more comfortable gameplay. High hercovka much easier to run enemies. Also reduced lag when dodging, reloading weapons, using skills with a complex animation.

At first glance, the difference is small — a matter of milliseconds. But it is added to the response time of the sensor and the delayed output image (input lag). If the same opponent continuously wins in a gaming session, and you can’t understand how he does it is not necessarily a cheater. He might just have a little more time to react and consider the next action.

Advanced technique allows you to open up the playing skills and gain an advantage over other players.

AORUS FI27Q-P got characteristics that are ideal for dynamic online battles. Scanning frequency of 165 Hz is a good indication, his stock enough for the frantic gameplay. The stated response time of 1 MS matrix only too happy. But there is a caveat. As here set IPS-matrix, ultra-low response is possible only in the Overdrive mode. And probably measured it in gentle technology Grey to Grey, given the rate of change of gray from 90% to 10% brightness. Deceit, of course — but forgivable, since in real scenarios, the pixels rarely have to replace a fully open state to closed and Vice versa. Often you see in games on the black screen instantly turned white? It is the same.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

Another feature of the monitor support DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3. This allows the new high-bandwidth image. A picture with a resolution of QHD displays on the screen without lag in the HDR-as and with a frequency of 165 Hz. Importantly, these demands were supported by iron, and monitor their task will cope without problems.

The advantages of IPS-matrix

The monitor panel has received a diagonal of 27 inches and a resolution of QHD or 2560×1440 pixels. The manufacturer claims a color gamut space DCI-P3 at 95% is a good indicator for game models. Specified in the characteristics of the brightness is of 350 CD/m2.

IPS-matrix traditionally good viewing angles. Here they are equal to 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. The monitor no matter where and at what angle it is put to the observer: the image is always read perfectly and will not fade. A semi-gloss coating successfully resists irritating glare from lamps in the room. Visible crystalline effect is absent from white color good uniformity across the screen, saturated colors — the monitor is comfortable to be for a long time.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

Contrast AORUS FI27Q-P with in-game models on the usual TN-matrix simply striking. No acidic tones or frightening uneven backlight, no fading of the picture at the slightest change of angle. More recently, when buying a gaming monitor with all these disadvantages had to put up mandatory for the cherished frequency sweep and small response time. A new product from AORUS can comfortably work in Photoshop after a couple of hours of intense matches. And eyes not emerge.

Impressions of a gamer

For fans of games with dynamic gameplay there is nothing better than high gertsovki. Run Overwatch: the smoothness of the gameplay is impressive. Active mixing can reduce graphics to medium, but the frequency of updates is left to the max, it’s easier to get into fast-moving enemy. Increasing the rating increases the self-esteem of a gamer.

The second test — Destiny 2, recently received a fresh update. They rule in PVP there are still revolvers. Here’s the only shot they seldom impact the powerful tracking to target a little more than nothing. And the battle in the game dynamic, time once again to think and slow to aim, just no. Therefore, when standard 60 Hz learning to shoot with some anticipation.

High gertsovka is another matter: keeping the goal comfortable to put «headshots» enemies becomes much easier.

Then try to play Star Wars: Battlefront II. Prove yourself and others that Han Solo shoots first. Along the way, the hero manages to evade the rifts from enemy shots and even avoid the laser sword in the «Heroes vs Villains». If the opponents are roughly equal in speed of reactions and experiences, everything is decided by milliseconds. Just useful scan 165 Hz and a minimum delay matrix.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

In old school RPG like Divinity: Original Sin 2, or vampire Code Vein impressive refresh rate does not play a significant role. In the first case, the gameplay is very slow, and the second title is all about the physics of the weapons. And the mobs too clearly declare their intention to strike a balancing act miracles to be not necessary. In the first place is the quality of the image, and with that AORUS FI27Q-P order. Thanks to the rich colour performance and HDR support, image, happy colorful and well detailed shadows. QHD resolution is sufficient for the 27-inch panel: fonts and icons in the games clear. And backlight is flicker-free allows you to explore the level without experiencing fatigue in his eyes.

A little about ergonomics

The monitor stand provides a fairly poor angles of rotation horizontally. But the range of vertical adjustment good. Also, the display of the Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P can be deployed in portrait mode. This chip will appreciate not only the artists are freelancers, but far from the art people to connect peripherals much easier when the panel interface is turned sideways. If desired, the monitor can be hung on the wall, this is a VESA-mount.

All major connectors — two HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.4, headphone and microphone, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. Only lacks USB Type-C.

Menu navigation is carried out using a four-way joystick, which is located right under the led indicator on the bottom edge. For the clarity of his movement and precision taps claims do not arise. However, the interface itself seriously loaded: the habit of understand the abundance of adjustments is not the first time. The placement of the individual elements also takes some getting used to. Over time you begin to navigate without difficulty, but the first time the setting of the monitor will have some trouble.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

Useful bells and whistles… And not very

The monitor is chock-full of gaming functions. Some of them are very useful in practice, others not so useful. AORUS branded chip — stabilization technology black Black Equalizer 2.0. With its help you can adjust the intensity of black shades, this will come in handy in movies and games with a contrast scenes. In horror games like Alien: Isolation or the game series Resident Evil can illuminate the dark areas of the frame and not catching the sudden screamer. Forewarned is forearmed. However, the use of the Black Equalizer 2.0, you should be careful: it is better not to set the level above the first. Otherwise the picture becomes too white-washed, if the image lacks contrast.

In the menu monitor you can easily get lost: it’s huge. And to say that intuitive.

To explore the possibilities AORUS FI27Q-P can take an hour. Need to bring sight to the display? In the settings for a gaming assistant. I want to keep the graphics settings as presets and quickly switch to it if necessary? No problem. For the most hardcore players there is an information panel that displays in the corner of the screen data on the state of iron: the temperature of CPU, fan speed and level of load. Functions much — let this wealth need not every gamer, but the presence of advanced features in the monitor is commendable.

Обзор Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P: и катку затащил, и с графикой поработал

The results

There are monitors fast, but with a mediocre picture. There are monitors with a great matrix, but is not useful for games. And the Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P successfully combines the advantages of both. On the one hand, a high update frequency 165 Hz, DisplayPort HBR3 quick and fast response time. On the other QHD resolution, support HDR and high-quality IPS panel with a good supply of brightness. A real must-have for people who like to play a lot with comfort.

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