Work, as well as happiness love peace. Brand Logitech is aware of this like no other. In August, the company rolled out a few quiet updates: wireless rodent and Pebble M350 kit Slim Combo (keyboard plus mouse) in an ultra-slim design. Understand what these demure in.

Mouse Logitech M350 Pebble

In August, 2019 in wireless shelf Logitech arrived: beginner — M350 is a compact Pebble. Plastic case with a rough, non-slip coating and sleek design: nothing more, just smooth and quiet lines. However, despite the outward restraint and minimalism in excessive modesty, the mouse is not to blame — looks impressive. When you look at it, themselves an Association with Apple Magic Mouse 2: both wireless, slim, graceful. But, if you compare with Apple rodent M350 is much less.

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Attractive appearance is the main but not the only trump card model. The main emphasis is on the almost silent operation. In the laboratory Logitech compared the work with the M170 and M350 found that the volume of clicks has decreased by 90%. Barely audible glides and wide rubber scroll wheel. Meek and silent, M350 will be useful anywhere — in the office, at classes at the University or at home at night. Anyone discomfort will not deliver, don’t disturb anyone.

Demure is connected both via Bluetooth and via a USB receiver. It is possible to work simultaneously with multiple devices running Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Android or Linux. Button switch with indicator placed on the lower part. One click — and you are ready to blue color when the Bluetooth connection, green — connection through the USB transmitter.

Тише воды, ниже травы: Logitech Pebble M350 и MK470 Slim Combo в работе

When the mouse is in hand, the first thing to note is the ease. Modest size (59 x 26.5 x 107mm) and weighs only 100 g, given the batteries. However, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, compact and lightweight — a definite score in kopilochku mobility. Put it in a bag or in your pocket and go fly and comfortably work. On the other — small dimensions dictate the conditions: the palm on the accessory does not lie, but because for a long work session hand can get tired.

A few more words about portability: designed with a slot for the USB transmitter. A variant of such a storage and transport reduces the probability of loss to zero. Hiding slot under the removable top lid for magnetic mount: it can be removed without any effort, but holding steady. This is an important point, because to get out of the transmitter will often have. But the AA battery change required is extremely rare, besides it comes.

Logitech M350-enabled sleep mode on a single battery will last up to 18 months.

Another advantage of the mobile companion off. Mouse with optical sensor 1000 dpi equally accurate and efficient on most surfaces: for office Desk, on the arm of the sofa or at a table in a café. Overall, a great option for travel and work on the run. The range M350 — 10 meters.

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To find M350, to and was pleasing to the eye and with the other gadgets combined, no problem. In the available three color variations: cream, pink and graphite.

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Logitech MK470 Slim Combo

Is in the Arsenal of Logitech and MK470 Slim Combo is a pair of wireless keyboard and mouse. Behave quieter water below the grass. Scissor key switches are responsible for dead like on a laptop, print. A mouse sneaks: no loud and annoying sounds. From Pebble M350 it differs only in the lack of support for Bluetooth and colours.

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The keyboard is made in a thin casing of plastic. Its dimensions are 373,5 x 143,9 x 21.3 mm and a weight based on two AAA batteries+ — 558 grams. This will easily be able to capture a lot of space in your bag or backpack will not take. Batteries are included, and they MK470 will last up to 36 months. To save battery helps you sleep: don’t use a keyboard — she immediately falls asleep.

The keyboard is compact but with a full numeric keypad. However, compromises still had to go: cursor keys reduced.

The batteries are installed under a removable silver plate with logo. There, as in the mouse hidden storage compartment for the USB transmitter with the 2.4 GHz band. By the way, the receiver then one to the whole set, and both the Slim Combo device simultaneously operate with it.

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On the back of the keyboard — the tab-stand with rubberized elements. It provides the optimum tilt for convenient operation and fixation on the working surface. As for the colors, then a pair of Slim Combo is available in two versions: black and white, while the upper panel of the keyboard invariably silver.

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Low noise the new Logitech created a rhythmic routine: these accessories are wireless, compact, light and long lasting. Got, comfortably hard, and then put in a bag and went further on the Affairs. Mouse Pebble M350 will be a faithful companion for those who are not sitting in one place. And modest dimensions of the gadget will appreciate the ladies — a great and inexpensive option for a neat feminine hand.

Тише воды, ниже травы: Logitech Pebble M350 и MK470 Slim Combo в работе

Slim Combo — single song: a compact keyboard with full numeric keypad and a battery life of 36 months with a mouse with a mileage of up to 18 months. I bought a set and no trouble finding at least approximately similar devices in the pair. All native, all friendly and goes well out of the box. Take Yes work.