Brand HP continues to develop the gaming lineup OMEN: new laptop, in addition to the RTX-graphics card, sports a fresh Coffee Lake Intel processor, thinner body and improved cooling. Understand what other chips notable for the laptop and how successful it was.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

Specifically for gamers

Laptop thoroughly fit, dropping 6 mm thickness of the case, the current 20 millimeters much more suitable ideology products Max-Q. the Weight changed slightly: two and a quarter pounds, still felt a bit of a burden. However, talking about a powerful gaming system, a lot of weight in this case — forced the consequence of high performance.

The appearance of the device has not undergone significant changes relative to previous models. For cyberpunk contours of the body and a nice illuminated keyboard is easy to guess the main purpose of the product. On the other hand, design has become a little less provocative — with the top cap and side faces removed red accents, giving preference to the blued metal and silver logo with a Voodoo mask.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

The combination of textures of metal on the case gives the impression of a more adult and accurate product. In the closed state is easy to be deceived and take the laptop for a premium workstation — gaming essence is revealed only with the lid of the device.

Almost all surfaces of the laptop are willing to collect fingerprints: upper cover zalamyvayutsya even when removing the device out of the box.

At the bottom of the novelties is located the outputs of acoustics from Bang & Olufsen, as well as the huge grille for the withdrawal of heat from the cooling system. Last changed — modified the configuration of the coolers OMEN Tempest provides improved airflow in five directions. For contact with the cooled chips use so-called liquid metal. Traditionally, the bottom cover is easily removed: by loosening the six screws to get access to the stuffing — you can upgrade without any extra effort.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

Keyboard and input

The keyboard has four-zone customizable backlit with dedicated numeric keypad. Hang up the keys noisy, but each press of deep, well felt tactilely. Deflections not: it seems like the engineers used a thick layer of armor to cover the keyboard unit. The layout is great, the cursor control block — large and comfortable, shift — acceptable length.

The manufacturer claims that both the prozhat to 26 keys. Don’t ask why.

The disadvantages include the absence of assigning specific colors to each button. Well, brightness low when indoors plenty of light, symbols of layout become invisible in such conditions it is better the lights just turn off. The touchpad leaves a good impression, plastic coating comfortable. An important caveat: there are no functions ClickPad, usual for business notebooks. For the gaming model is a definite plus: no need to fear accidental clicks in your favorite AAA shooter — all remain under your control.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

The display according to GOST

For the output image meets the 15.6-inch IPS-matrix with Full HD resolution. The main features of the display refresh rate of 144 Hz and supports NVIDIA G-sync. These two technologies laptop the mesmerizing smoothness of the image. The screen is matte, which is also important — the glare from bright light sources will not prevent multiplayer battles. Modulation no backlight, so you can not worry about the health of the eye.

The maximum brightness is a standard 300 CD/m2, viewing angles are excellent.

Side frame with IPS panel narrow, but the lower part, on the contrary, broad — this is intentional so that the display was as high as possible raised above the surface of the table. All mounted on a narrow hinge, and the lid leans back at an angle of 135 degrees.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

Connectors and communications

A pleasant contrast to the previous model line-OMEN: now the rear end of the laptop, no ports — they are distributed on the side surfaces. The set of interfaces is impressive: the left side houses the HDMI and Mini DisplayPort, a Gigabit Ethernet port in a foldable arrangement, a pair of USB Type-A and one Type-C and a combined audio Jack. Right side — USB and full size card reader. Ports much, but they are imperfectly linked. Since the interfaces on the left edge of the housing and located close together (especially USB ports), in some situations, they can be neighboring devices. Wireless connection is provided by Intel with support for 802.11 ac.

Iron and performance

The laptop is equipped with a six-core processor Intel Core i7-9750H with a base frequency of 2.6 GHz (accelerated up to 4.5 GHz mode with sed). Number of threads: 12 cache — an impressive 12 MB, TDP is under be desktop solutions: 45W. However, high-quality cooling perfectly reveals the potential of CPU — stress test all cores operate at 3.0 GHz without minimal signs of throttle, the temperature of the chip exceeds 80 degrees.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

In extreme performance profile (has to be enabled through management utility the HP Command Center) operating system operates at a stable 3.2 GHz. Only here the temperature rises to the brink of acceptable — 90 degrees, and the noise of the coolers becomes not very comfortable. Without constant load system responsive to a background task, using with sed on the production profile and lowering the heat to 50 degrees.

The graphics is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q c 8 GB of GDDR6 VRAM.

Architecture NVIDIA Turing supports ray tracing in real time, which provides more realistic lighting and special effects in games. PostScript Max-Q implies a maximum balance of performance and heat dissipation. Mode efficiency RTX 2070 Max-Q is holding a frequency 20% less than a standard notebook RTX 2070, but, when necessary, is able to accelerate to nominal values. In the native Full HD laptop gives 80-90 fps on high graphics settings almost all the current hits, and on «ultra» shows numbers close to 60 fps. But 4K resolution for this card is hard: often fps drops to unplayable levels. Importantly, the stock performance for gaming at Full HD decent — enough for the next two to three years.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция

Dual-channel RAM, made of two interface extension modules DDR4 8 GB, operating at a frequency of 2666 MHz. The RAM is easy to build: soldered on motherboard, no memory, of the ability to upgrade to unlimited.

Surprising selection of the drive: here installed Intel Optane H10 with up to 512 GB.

Remarkable SSD integrated Intel Optane memory, it provides an even greater rate of exchange of the cached data. Under this technology supports up to 32 GB and, more importantly, two of the four lines PCI-e, which operates the device. The result is natural good: in tests for reading confidently take the figure of 2300 MB/sec on record — the figure is more modest — 1250 MB/s, but does not cause any problems to performance. In the end, dealing with a smart, but not too capacious disk subsystem. It is, however, easy to extend — vendor provided a place for 2.5″ hard drive or SSD, connected via SATA.

Overall configuration is balanced, with no apparent bottlenecks. The icing on the cake — Command Center utility OMEN. It allows you to maximize the potential of iron and the cooling system, using presets enhanced performance when each frame is worth its weight in gold.


Intel Core i7-9750H
6 cores, 12 threads @ 2.6 to 4.5 GHz
DDR4 16 GB (2×8 GB, 2 slots) @ 2666 MHz
Video CARD
GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q, 8 GB of memory GDDR6
15.6″ Full HD, IPS, matte
512 GB SSD Intel Optane H10,
Slot to connect SATA disk
20 x 362 x 262 mm,
2.23 kg
1 USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2 (10 GB/s, DisplayPort 1.4)
3 USB 3.1 Type-A
Gigabit Ethernet
Mini DisplayPort
3.5 mm Jack (combo)
SD card reader
Wi-Fi Intel 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2×2 MIMO)
Bluetooth 5
6 cell, 69 WH

Test results

3DMARK (Fire strike, 1920×1080)
18 027
Single-core: 21 574
Multi-core: 5258
RAGE 2 (hereinafter — Full HD, max graphics settings):
72 fps
66 fps
53 fps
179 fps
81 fps
76 fps
64 fps

Food and autonomy

HP OMEN 15 is equipped with a lithium polymer battery 69 WHr, which is the highest in its class. For such a voracious gland is a modest amount of the vehicle — in game mode at full power, the battery discharges in 1 hour 25 minutes. Minimum load, turned off wireless connection and low screen brightness, the laptop lasts around three and a half hours. And at an average load have to rely on a couple of hours of autonomy. At the time the charging time to fill about 60% of capacity, a complete cycle takes approximately 150 minutes. The power supply is massive, the power is 200 W, which somewhat deteriorates the portability of the device. A compromise is natural: in pursuit of a thin body will inevitably have to balance on the edge and high-performance work time.

Обзор HP OMEN 15-dh: закономерная эволюция


Audio by Bang & Olufsen pleases clean, pleasant sound at a high enough volume — if to speak about operation on a table. Speakers aimed down, and no resonant surface becomes rather flat audio. Unfortunately, the system has a somewhat muted bass, but for gaming its quality more than enough. If to Unscrew loudness on full, the sides of the housing there is a barely noticeable vibration. It can be a bit annoying in releases with WASD-controls, but once again demonstrates the power level of the sound system.


HP has taken another step forward in creating a good gaming laptop. Of course, this is not a revolution but a natural evolution: good build quality, interesting and adult design, balanced hardware, plenty of ports, effective cooling system. Except that the battery would be bigger, but such is the price paid for high portability. Although the HP OMEN 15 mobile and lightweight, the laptop will cope with any fresh AAA hit no performance issues and overheating. And what else fans want games to be happy?

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