Who missed important calls due to silent mode on the phone or because he’s charging in the other room? In such cases, it helps smart bracelet. It will not only notify you about incoming calls and messages, but also will Wake in the morning and the health will follow. To understand how the device copes with all this, the editors 4PDA gave new HUAWEI Band 4 one of the authors for a week. What is the result?

Неделя с HUAWEI Band 4: можно не снимать с руки

Usage scenarios

After birth we automatically put phones on silent mode, causing a lot of missed business calls and messages. Therefore, the proposal to test HUAWEI Band 4 in turned out to be very useful.

Before the bracelet was main task is to duplicate important messages from your smartphone. But since there are other possibilities, it would be foolish to not try them all. Because Band 4 offers a lot of features to sport — that’s a reason to do them. Work, again, has not been canceled — in the morning, a handy smart alarm clock.

Looking ahead: with all these tasks the device consulted. This week it was worn a couple of times and for a short time, and the rest of the period, it worked properly and never asked for a charger. But about all under the order.

Неделя с HUAWEI Band 4: можно не снимать с руки

Sync and notifications

To link wearable devices with smartphones need an app «HUAWEI Health.» The program works without problems on any smartphone, and its ability to go beyond simply tracking the health and issuing recommendations.

Of course, first it is necessary to adjust the bracelet. It’s about the number and order of the desktops («customize»), setting dial (why not, once a color display?), updating software and similar facilities.

One particularly flexible form notification settings. For example, in the special menu allows you to enable or disable duplication. On the display bracelet displays not just the signal of an incoming message, but the text. Even if it is from the messenger, all is read without difficulty: Cyrillic there are exists, the font is clear (resolution of 80 x 160 pixels for 0.96 inch screen is more than enough), and long message, you can scroll swipe on the touch screen. For calls like the bracelet shows the name from contact list or a number.

Неделя с HUAWEI Band 4: можно не снимать с руки

Alert gadget vibrates — intensive enough to feel, but in a comfortable range. There is a mode «do Not disturb» with different parameters: schedule, all day and depending on, whether wearing the bracelet on the arm. In short, there is everything not to miss important calls and messages, but at the same time not be distracted from the important things.

Monitoring of health and exercise

Like other fitness bracelets, HUAWEI Band 4 follows the body of the owner during the holiday. Is responsible for advanced technology TruSleep 2.0. The device considers the deep sleep time, heart rate monitors and analyses phase. Noticing the problem, the gadget reports it and gives advice on solution. Smart alarm clock, in turn, chooses the right moment for vibration — from deep oblivion he’s not moving.

Of course, the smart gadget also considers the number of steps — quite accurately, it should be noted. The bracelet features a measured step from running in order to collect these data in the chart. And if the user has stayed in place, comes the reminder that it’s time to warm up (though this feature can be disabled).

Неделя с HUAWEI Band 4: можно не снимать с руки

Thanks to the technology of HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 4 Band measures heart rate. Compared to purchased at a pharmacy with a blood pressure monitor can be accurate to within 10 beats per minute. However, to follow the heart, which is especially useful during workouts.

The user has nine modes of training. The wristband tracks time and distance, pretends to be expended kilocalories and also tracks heart rate, movement speed and other parameters depending on the selected activity. Of course, you can set goals — for example, running 5 km or half an hour. What to mobile apps, it’s a plan sketched out, from Jogging for 5 km to marathon — schedule and tips on what, when and why to do it.

Неделя с HUAWEI Band 4: можно не снимать с руки

In other words, the application HUAWEI your Health on your smartphone when paired with a bracelet captures all the information about the state of health of the user and his training, allowing him to draw the necessary conclusions.

Ergonomics in everyday life

The device, which is used regularly and for a long time, should be comfortable, and ideally invisible. HUAWEI Band 4 time: together with the strap it weighs 24 grams, and its thickness is only 12.5 mm. Therefore, the hand gadget is not felt, and the clothes don’t cling. In principle, it is possible not to remove the bracelet safely experiencing and shower, and immersion in water — the stated water resistance up to 50 meters.

According to the manufacturer, HUAWEI Band 4 live up to nine days without charging is disabled when the monitoring of sleep and workouts. For the week, use a fully charged battery 91 mAh emptied to 72%, that is three more days he would have lasted. It is based on the use of all these modes several times. So in moderate activity and in constant conjunction with a smartphone battery will last weeks and a half.

Неделя с HUAWEI Band 4: можно не снимать с руки

By the way, the charging connector is originally designed his contacts installed on the mounting strap. To recharge the battery, it is necessary to remove one of the straps and insert the attachment into the USB port. A couple of hours charging, and order.


HUAWEI Band 4 were really great. There were concerns about autonomy — all the same color touch TFT display consumes relatively much energy, and battery size will not be dispersed. But a week and a half — decent figure. With all the tasks bangle handled five incoming warned for organism watched and never disappoint.

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