Now few people out of the house without music, so audiophiles appreciate quality acoustics. It’s time to analyze the main features of the new model of Sony headphones and find out how this device can improve the experience of listening to music.

5 преимуществ наушников Sony WH-XB900N

Noise reduction

One of the key functions of WH-XB900N — active noise cancellation. In short, the microphones record the incoming external noise allowed in the out of phase signal that suppresses sound pollution. So the user is left alone with his music.

Usage experience has shown that a loud low frequency hum, for example, in the subway, cut off almost completely — only feel vibration and a separate illegible phrase when you say stop. These headphones will come in handy at home, if it is necessary to focus on the important business or just to listen to music. It is clear that to compete with the standard in the face of «strong» series model will not work, but she has a nicer price.

Autonomy even where

On a full charge WH-XB900N hold up to 30 hours of active noise cancellation and without it — two hours longer. If the battery is still the village, quick charge for 10 minutes, the headphones will add energy to hours of work, thanks to Type-C with support for fast charging. Enough to reach the wall outlet, and there already to make energy for about seven hours. If that is not enough, you can use the headphones in wired mode by connecting them to your gadget via an included cable.

5 преимуществ наушников Sony WH-XB900N

Bass barrel

Fans of «rocking» rhythms will appreciate the enhanced low frequencies: as with any model line Extra Bass, WH-XB900N focuses on the bass line. All thanks to the design, in particular a separate channel for the bass in the headphone.

In practice, this feature is immediately noticeable: the bass is clearly allocated from the shared frequency spectrum, but there is no sense that they cover the vocal and instrumental parts. Nothing growls, no distortion, and the audio volume, aided by the full-size form factor. Brand Sony Headphones connect allows you to adjust the sound character and level of aktsentirovano low frequencies.

Sound around

Recently Sony introduced a new feature for several models, including WH-XB900N — support audio with surround sound 360 Audio Reality. The user hears a sound like that coming from all sides. Particularly impressive in this format concerts — it seems that he attend the show.

5 преимуществ наушников Sony WH-XB900N

To use the function, it is necessary to register in one of the Russian services (Nugs, 360 by Deezer). In each of these areas is available free of charge testing period of 30 days, within which to evaluate immersive sound. The second step is taking pictures of ears and sending a picture in the signature application Sony Headphones Connect. A special algorithm analyzes the shape of the ears and adjusts the sound to their individual characteristics.

Touch control

A flat area on the outer surface of the right earpiece is touch-sensitive, it can help you to control your music and calls. Double-clicking launches the next track, single — pauses current playback resumes or allows you to take an incoming call. Swipe up and down adjusts the volume — convenient technological solution.

Another useful feature was the quick attention that is activated, if applied to the right ear Cup of your palm. The sound becomes so quiet that you hear the ad on the station or the interlocutor’s speech.

5 преимуществ наушников Sony WH-XB900N

The results

Of course, Sony WH-XB900N everyone will appreciate what it considers more important, but the model is good from all sides. Here and decent sound, and really working the clipping noise, and a bunch of settings from the point of view of personal tastes. It is clear that this is not a TWS — not everyone is suited for such a form factor. But in the segment to 20 thousand is not much adequate in all respects headphones with active noise cancelling, so it makes sense to look closely.

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