Imagine: you bought a smartphone three years ago and since then, not particularly interested in trends. But it’s time to upgrade. Like it or not, and we need to catch up and look for a suitable alternative. Because the market has changed a lot. Explain what should be paid attention to before spending rubles.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

Design: premium to the masses

Changes in the mobile industry resemble a rare meeting with distant relatives: everything seems still, but the news so much that the day will not tell. The most obvious change is visual and tactile: proceedings of the premium segment over in the middle. Now the case of glass and metal — the typical case for gadgets for 15 thousand rubles. But the plastic remained only in the cheapest models.

Fill in the flagship titanium and ceramics.

For example, with ceramic the Samsung Galaxy S10+ can be carried in a pocket with keys and not worry that they will scratch the housing. Sturdy shell with Gorilla glass 6 stoically keeps the blows of fate and remains intact.

This commodity does not immediately notice the loss. Meanwhile, the front surface disappeared button. The fingerprint scanner now either the screen or completely moved to the back cover. In addition, playing with colors of casing — forget about grey and black. Smartphones shone with all the colors of the rainbow: green, blue, red, and even a sly gradient tints in the light.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

Another important point in the industry once again experimenting. Appeared screens-waterfalls, envelopes of edge devices. Left the first model with a folding display. More precisely, while one — Galaxy Fold from 7.3-inch AMOLED Dynamic, which is bent in the middle and turns the tablet into a smartphone. Or Vice versa.

Screen: bigger and better

YouTube, social networks, instant messengers, TV shows — all important and favorite content safely moved to smartphones. In response, manufacturers have increased screen diagonal average is now 6.3 inches. Moreover, these gadgets if it has increased in size, not much. Thanks to fashionable proportions 21:9, adding more height, not width, and the absence of frames around the displays.

Of course bermocoll engineers had to hide the front camera.

Appeared all sorts of variations on the theme of teardrop-shaped cut-outs and holes. And some brands are generally removed self-module in travelling and turning mechanisms, like the Galaxy A80. The screen has gone past the obstacle: the camera is now hiding or behind, or in the housing.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

P — performance

Gone are the days when budget-enough for a year of stable work. Moreover, now even the average lay them down flagships three years ago. How so? Thanks to new processors — they blossomed and became prettier, and the company is the RAM who grew up to 4-6 GB.

So swagger gadgets has increased: they confidently handle Face ID and Touch ID, almost without the effort of dragging games and demanding programs, and the battery hit moderately — optimization does the job. A living example — A-series Samsung. These models will last three years no freezes or overheating: will twist the video to drive the browser and launch the social network with instant messengers.

Modern budget-enough for a few years — you can take and not be afraid.

But flagships now for special tasks. Hunting run heavy games on maximum settings? To shoot night photos with the expanded range of brightness and refinement by neural networks? To record video in 4K and then watch it on HDR-screen? Then contact to gadgets the upper price segment.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

Camera: more pixels, better software

From now on the enviable results demonstrate the camera and the available models — they are clearly better off with the cameras. And flagship with the Royal modules 48 MP cope almost level DSLRs. Add a few accessory lenses, you will get a lot of features like macro and landscapes, made on shirik.

But iron itself does not solve — it’s all about the software. It depends on the final photo quality, the lighting, the detailing and a bunch of other important things. How do you know which company put fit? It’s simple — evaluate their research costs. The higher they are, the better.

Battery: chubbier and faster

For several years there have been two important breakthroughs. First — support fast charging. A dead smartphone is now about 20-25 minutes restores half the energy. And it radically changes the situation: it is enough to recall the previous hours of duty at outlet — heaven and earth. We also note wireless technology and reversible — when the phone can be powered, for example, headphones. However, this feature often found in expensive models, like the Galaxy Note 10.

Second, the emphasis of developers on long-lasting batteries.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

Yes, there are such batteries for a long time, but before they were supplied mostly niche saxesenii. Now everything is different: the hardy energizers sell big brands like Samsung. For example, model Galaxy M30s in the chamber 48 MP and 64 GB ROM, equipped with battery 6000 mAh.

OS and security

Over the past few years smartphones have become safer. This is largely due to Google, which is once a month regularly releases updates. Not to pull with the firmware «Corporation good» obliged themselves and the manufacturers of Android gadgets. The devices will be updated for at least two years after entering the market, while in the first year, Google requires at least four security updates.

In kopilochku threw and encryption.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

To pull information from a smartphone is now not so easy, many thanks to new encryption systems. Over the last several years Samsung has refreshed its protection KNOX, making it impregnable. Platform real-time monitors the integrity of the data and reacts to any attempt of attack. If an attacker attempts to roll the firmware circumvent the protection, KNOX just burn encryption keys, personal files, leaving the rogue with nothing.

Services and new methods of sale

And finally, smartphones have become much more accessible. If you had to save or get credit, but now the purchase has become easier and more enjoyable. First, flourished Trade-In: give up the old model and get a discount on a new, without muddy sites, ads and meetings at metro. Secondly, there was a lease — lease with option to purchase.

For a small monthly fee you can use fresh flagship, renewed each year without any additional payments.

Что надо знать, прежде чем покупать новый смартфон? Объясняем на пальцах

How does it work? Let us consider the example of the Samsung Forward. The user selects the smartphone leaves an application, receives the gadget and pays him several thousand roubles a month — if it’s the flagship. After a year of payments you can pay the remaining amount, or exchange the camera for some new. And so on the new.

Smartphones have become smarter, stronger, tougher, safer and generally cooler. However, it happened so smoothly that the changes seem minor — even though the change is actually quite. But fear not — now you know what deals on the market and will be able to choose the optimal gadget according to your needs and budget.

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