Maybe soon we’ll lose sales because of a quarrel of trading networks and the state Duma. Here’s the thing: last year, the MP introduced a bill regulating the holding of shares. If it will, the sellers will have to follow a bunch of restrictions during the next «Black Friday». In response, the Association of companies of Internet trade wrote a letter to the government: if so, retail is easier to do without the rebates and discounts. Understand what’s going on.

What’s the bill?

Прощайте, скидки? Как ссора АКИТ и государства может убить распродажи

In November last year, Deputy Oleg Lebedev introduced a bill to»establish a legal framework for conducting sales of goods». In the document, the official outlined his vision of how to further regulate large-scale promotion. First, traders must specify the exact commencement and completion dates of the discount today, according to the author of the project, this does not always happen.

Second, sales must be the reason — it may happen that the company fuses discounted goods, but hides information about its quality. And this should be reported. Finally, sellers must disclose the cost of the product before the discount, and to take the average price over six months. That is, to write on the product with a discount, how much was it in the last six months.

It makes sense? Yes

Прощайте, скидки? Как ссора АКИТ и государства может убить распродажи

In an accompanying note Lebedev pointed out that these measures are necessary, because the current legislation protects citizens poorly in sales. The idea of equitable distributors around the world love to tie phony discounts. And Russia is no exception — it is noted, that in the days of «Black Friday,» the volume of fake markdowns up to 75%.

How is it done? The most common method by scammers is to drive up the price before the promotion, and then supposedly reduce it. In this case, even with the discount product is the same as without it and other times more expensive. Is that to participate in the sale, the buyer must adhere to mandatory conditions — for example, to acquire a few accessories in which discount is not.

So the point of the initiative of the Deputy is seen with the flood of fake discounts really need to do something. However, the idea did not like AKIT — the Association of companies of Internet trade, which includes a plus-minus of all the major retailers, including M. Video, OZON and DNS.

What’s not to like AKITAS?

Прощайте, скидки? Как ссора АКИТ и государства может убить распродажи

In early January members of the AKITA sent a letter to Sergey Zhigarev — the head of the Duma Committee on ekonompolitike. They reported that described in the bill of innovations threaten «interference in the market pricing». Especially the point that requires to write about the average price of the goods before discount. The Association claims that this service will prevent the business having to adapt, to retrain staff and somewhere to store data.

In addition, AKIT said that now the user can independently monitor the dynamics of the value of the goods — for example, such a tool is available in «Yandex.A market». There are special plug-ins, a report on price fluctuations. In the end, according to the Association, there is no need for additional regulation of the system sales.

After all, the consumer will not be better, but strangled by new rules, the retailer would rather hold the stock than will conform to the requirements. «The introduction of such requirements with the high probability will lead to rejection of trade from the sales, which will negatively affect the level of prices and inflation», — quote «news» a letter to AKITA.

AKITA can really cancel the sale?

Прощайте, скидки? Как ссора АКИТ и государства может убить распродажи

If management decides to abandon the sales and all members of the BREED will agree with that decision, then Yes — no discount will be no more. Another question, will this Association. Expert opinions were divided.

Galina Kuznetsova, lecturer in business administration at Ranepa, skeptical. «Sales is the most important tool in modern trade. Many companies arrange discounts even at a loss. In addition, sales allow you to release warehouses from old product», — her words lead to «Izvestia».

However, there is another opinion. Alexey Ivanov, President of the National Association of distance trade, said that small promotion will remain — but the big ones, like «cyber Monday» may disappear. «It is likely that this will result in non-participation of retailers in the big sale holidays. As for the General refusal of sales, and then have someone every day sale, everything can not be, because all the shops something to sell».

But it’s only a project? Things can change?

Прощайте, скидки? Как ссора АКИТ и государства может убить распродажи

Yes. Please note that while it only the bill — to the document was legally valid, it must pass through a few edits, and three parliamentary readings, and it must be signed by the President. It is not excluded that the initiative of Lebedev’s going to change much after these procedures or not pass them at all.

At what stage is it now? The officials is the draft of the bill. He is at a preliminary reading in the state Duma — deputies of the study, write comments and suggestions. By 13 February, need to finish, and will be considered in the spring. If the initiative will give a green color, it will go to first reading. Survive? Sent to the second and then the chances for the implementation of the bill will increase significantly.

However, it is understood that all initiatives AKITA is relevant for business in Russia — local retailers, large and small. On sale AliExpress or Amazon, these changes would have no impact, everything will go on as usual. So without the discount, we will not stay, even if the Association will boycott the discount.

While we’re waiting for spring — at which time officials will decide what to do with the bill. Maybe it will cancel or complement to AKITA decided not to curtail sales. Another question — do they have this flow of fake discounts?