Who is the main rival Apple in the smartphone market? Many readers 4PDA call Samsung and they’re absolutely right. But in the field of wireless headphones, the Korean giant is clearly inferior to the American competitor. However, the alignment of forces may change. At least so it seemed after meeting with the new TWS from Samsung.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

What is there in the black?

Released last year Galaxy Buds received positive reviews from users and experts, but the TWS market has not turned. They are no different from most competitors: a solid, good-sounding, but no more. Not turned out to have raisins that causes first interest and then deep affection.

At first glance, the improved version with the plus in the title too, nothing fantastic stands out, in spite of the increased a thousand roubles price. But comparison of the two models shows that the autonomy increased from 6 to 11 hours. Interestingly, the battery capacity has only increased significantly: from 58 to 85 mAh, i.e. by about 30%, and the operating time is nearly doubled. While the headphones weigh still at 6 grams each. We can assume that inside the buildings there have been significant changes, but the manufacturer of them does not apply. The only obvious difference is stated in the description of the two-way design with two drivers, tweeter and woofer. Incidentally, the Samsung website has an entertaining video, which shows the internal structure of the headphones. Here is a screenshot from the video.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

The picture is not visible to dynamic drivers, but we can clearly distinguish two transmitters. They strongly resemble the reinforcement. For comparison we show dvuhdverny dynamic headphones AKG (it is known that the company involved in the development of headphone for Samsung).

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

It is easy to guess that it is due to compact and light drivers managed to increase the battery capacity while maintaining the same dimensions and weight.

Plus nice pieces

What else lies within? Primarily a function of wireless charging standard Qi. It works with any charging platform, and with smartphones that support Wireless PowerShare. Because they have a more capacious battery than the charging case, so why would they not share the reserves of energy?

In your case the headphones are fixed by magnets. Extracted easily, and the place of return clearly. The claimed protection against moisture standard IPX2: this technique should be treated with care, trying not to get wet. And for lovers of walks in the rain there are special models.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

Touch control: it’s convenient, but to avoid false positives is not easy, especially at the time of installation of the emitters in the ears. However, there is an option to disable it and control the headphones with a smartphone. To switch to another control type, use the mobile app Wearable Galaxy read Galaxy Buds. The possibilities it opens up are considerable.

Among other things, it will be able to configure the option «background Sound» to listen to the environment. Not just on or off like other headphones, and to change the level of audibility of the environment. Note that the Galaxy Buds+ a total of three microphones (for the younger model only two): a pair of outer and one inner, and they all work to improve speech intelligibility in the negotiations. This, by the way, all is well: the sound level Bluetooth models with remote control on the wire.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

Another feature is the built-in equalizer app. Available in a choice of six presets-Standard, «More low», «Soft», «Dynamic», «Clean» and «More high». It is not excluded that it is easier and simpler than using a graphic EQ with sliders.

Have the ability to include listening to the environment during calls to better hear himself, because passive insulation of the Galaxy Buds+ decent. Will activate a different kind of voice notification, for example, about missed calls. You can find the headphones, if you throw them without a case or they get lost in the pile of papers on my Desk. Using the app is updated software. Finally, there is a quick start guide with pictures, where have been interpreted in such basic operations and functions.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

Charge remaining is shown in the program separately for each of the headphones. By the way, about the charge: at a medium volume level and connect the AAC codec Galaxy Buds+ lost music 11 h 15 m. of Course, if you want it louder, this time will decrease. But still, the autonomy is impressive.

Headphones in

Like most TWS have Buds+ short waveguides, cropped and silicone tips. So, these headphones will not suit everyone. And it’s not comfort, that looks fine, and returns at low frequencies. If the nozzle go into the ear canal deep enough and tight at the bottom of the range will decline. This was noticed at the beginning of the audition.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

Tried to pick a variety of alternative nozzles: plain foam, expensive SpinFit, silicone all species caught by hand. Some of them sound acquired the necessary bass pressure and volume. Alas, after removing any third-party headphone ear pads remained in the ear, but native well-kept buildings.

Has established not only the largest, but the smell of silicone and appropriate clamps: landing became more confident, and convincing the lower classes. The frequency balance was leveled, although the bass Foundation was still not enough capital, and the overall tone is light rather than neutral. It’s time to think about mobile app and how to use the equalizer, selecting the «More low».

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

Perhaps bashed this seems a little. But in fact bass was exactly as much as you want the sound came into balance, gained volume and «meat» and the lower classes do not interfere with other tools and didn’t score vocals. The quality of the low frequencies was pleasantly surprised: they were prompt, clear and extremely informative. It sounds so high-quality bass reinforcement, clear and muscular.

Mid-extremely good. It gives the sound stage is usually unusual for TWS headphones, volume and scale, as well as the expressiveness of individual sound images. There is energy, drive, and pressure. So good at playing all kinds of rock: The Dhaze, Stone Cold Fiction, Honey Creek, Circus Pruts, and, of course, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. A clear viscous doom, for example Hallatar.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги

Hardly worse is transmitted to the upper part of the range, and that’s when you connect with AAC (sorry, no aptX support). And for a proprietary Scalable codec Samsung required the smartphone, in our case useful Samsung Galaxy A7. C transition to proprietary codec sound became even more transparent and detailed, perhaps more than a decent wired earbuds.

Perfectly played, recordings made «on the verge»: The Headbugers, The Gales Bros., Birth of Joy, the latest album from Bent Knee. And such exquisite sound of albums like Blues Everywhere I Go, the legendary Blues singer Odetta Holmes, played so that it is impossible to put down.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Buds+: обновление на все деньги


Headphone type
low frequency + high frequency
Wireless interface
Bluetooth 5.0
SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable
The battery capacity of the headphone
85 mAh
The battery capacity of the case
270 mAh
Time battery life
battery life: 11 h
charging in the box: 22 h
Headphone weight
6 g (each)
Weight with case
52 g

The cons against the pros

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ cons quite a bit, but they are. Still headphones lacks aptX. Therefore, all who have no Samsung will not be able to squeeze out of the device maximum sound quality. But not the humane value is due to the wide range of options, huge battery life and a comfortable, thoroughbred and exciting sound.

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