As elsewhere, in the field of home appliances there is a confrontation between products And brands and less known vendors, who seek to win their piece of the market. Newcomers to the industry trying to attract the attention value, in which leaders meet the top features, sophisticated design and innovative approach. Check whether these criteria new cordless vacuum cleaner Samsung Jet Lite.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

Who and what is good?

First and foremost you need to understand what is the new Samsung. If to speak dry language of press releases, this vertical hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner. In principle, all the main advantages of this class are enclosed in the definition. In comparison with traditional models of Samsung Jet Lite takes much less space due to its vertical placement. In addition, it is truly universal, and frees the owner from having to consider the location of electrical outlets and constantly correct the cable in the cleaning process. To realize these benefits help him set of additional attachments, a removable battery and low weight.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

Design features

Based on Samsung Jet Lite is a powerful inverter motor combined with cyclonic filtration system. Both components are designed to optimize air flow and ensure maximum efficiency. Some optimizations are not limited to: «muscle» cleaner look too seriously, the suction power can reach 150 watts. It is obvious that the maximum need not always. In this case the creators have provided three modes of operation of the device. To switch between them there are two separate buttons. They are located at the base of the arm and, together with the activation button form a single control unit: everything is intuitive, you won’t be confused. Also built a small display, which displays the current mode of operation and information about a variety of emergency situations.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

To collected dust out of the engine and not thrown back into the room, Jet Lite is equipped with five-stage filtration system. The main cyclone and a metal filter mesh retain large particles and a HEPA microfilter is responsible for the smallest dust and allergens. The vendor claims that this system allows to filter out particles from 0.3 microns.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

Care about ergonomics. The design of the device is composite, so that the cleaner is easily adaptable to different tasks. Depending on the situation to the main unit connects to either the standard tube with valkovoj brush, or one of the supplied nozzles. By the way, the tube is governed by four fixed positions will help you choose a comfortable height for the vacuum cleaner user of any height. But fixing the brushes so that the device could hold a vertical position without the stand, is not provided. So if you want to pause the service, you must return it to the station or to lay on the floor. She stand concurrently performs the function of the charging unit. In addition, it has a mounting for accommodation of nozzles and socket of the recharging of a spare battery — useful if cleaning is delayed. However, the second battery will have to be bought separately.

In the work

Autonomy strongly depends on the selected mode of operation. According to the manufacturer, it varies from 5 minutes at maximum power to 40 minutes at the minimum engine speed. In standard mode the promised 20 minutes, and this was confirmed during testing (the error amounted to one to two minutes). Full charging takes about 3.5 hours. If we are talking about cleaning hard surfaces like hardwood or ceramic tile, then the stored energy is enough to restore purity in a one bedroom apartment.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

The maximum noise level of Jet Lite is 86 dBA. In practice mode, the average power of the vacuum cleaner drowns out the voice of a man or a working TV.

Collected dust and debris are sent in a single container volume of 0.5 liters. Cleaning is just a couple of movements, and that the owner missed the moment when it needs to be done on the wall is coated with a special mark.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

Call Jet Lite the lightest in its class, is not: depending on the nozzle, fully assembled it weighs about 1.5 kg. It is felt only in those moments when the vacuum cleaner is necessary to keep on weight.

Recruitment professional

The main working tool Jet Lite roller (rotation speed to 3750 rpm) the Turbo brush Action, which is designed for cleaning hard surfaces like wood floors or linoleum, and carpet. One of its advantages — the ability to rotate 180 degrees, which greatly facilitates access to different areas of the room. In vertical orientation it also converts virtually 180 degrees, which is useful if you want to crawl under a bed or chair.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

More expensive modifications with the expanded package to the basic supplied one brush, designed specifically for hard surfaces. It’s called Soft Action and collects even the finest particles from the surface and from cracks. In addition to her woven silver thread which provides antistatic effect.

In addition to outdoor brushes the set includes several attachments for different types of cleaning. The first mechanized bed brush. Her horse — cushions, mattresses and other soft furnishings. Thanks to the built in motor it creates a vibration, allowing you to more effectively dislodge the dust from such surfaces. The second accessory — combination attachment for removing dust from curtains, furniture, etc. to collect the dust from tight spaces, a telescopic crevice brush extension. Also, a special flexible nozzle. It can be used alone or in combination with the previous two. Thanks to the flexible design facilitates access to places difficult to reach otherwise.

Обзор Samsung Jet Lite: флагман уборки

Cleaning finished

New Jet Lite doesn’t disappoint. First, it is well coped with their duties. Thanks to the modularity and the set of additional attachments, the device helps to maintain the cleanliness not only of gender, but also of the entire apartment, including the furniture, the laptop keyboard and the air vents near the ceiling. And secondly, he was pleasantly surprised by the seemingly small things that make the process of using more comfortable. This should include mounting for accessories on a stand and a removable battery combined with the ability to charge two batteries simultaneously.

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