Sony Xperia 5 — unusual smartphone, because of small but powerful devices on the market almost gone. Mini flagship Xperia got top stuffing and a lot of unusual pieces. Choose five interesting, to make it consonant with the model name. But even this amount is sufficient to pay attention to the gadget.

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Cinema screen

Smartphone equipped with a 6.1-inch screen with proportions of 21:9. The same format is used in film. This is the best solution for watching movies: the image completely fills the display, not obrezati edges. Another advantage of this aspect ratio that the elongated body is obtained, which decreases the width of the device. Narrow gadget is convenient to hold in hand, below a chance to drop.

The display is made of technology OLED, he has a deep black color, and the pixel density is 449 ppi. Supported the conversion of the SDR content in HDR. Sony Xperia 5 can be used as a «theater in the palm of your hand», the picture quality is high.

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Cool sound

Stereo speakers will please fans of high-quality and surround sound. Is Dolby Atmos, this smartphone analyzes audio components to give viewers the best effect of immersion in the game or movie. Support for encoding and LDAC format Hi-Res Audio to deliver a superior sound when using wireless headphone. There is also a Qualcomm codec aptX to ensure the transfer of lossless audio without compromising the quality of the audio stream.

Advanced gaming capabilities

Model performance will be enough for any entertainment it is the flagship chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in conjunction with 6 GB of RAM. And for fans of mobile games will be useful for the updated function of the Game Enhancer. Gaming assistant blocks the unwanted notifications, distracting you from online fights or confrontation between the crowd of monsters. It also disables the camera button to avoid accidental taps on it. During the game you can record the process of battles and give voice comments, and then upload videos to the Internet. Will do a series of screen shots with a frequency up to 20 frames per second to capture spectacular especially the end of the match.

Triple-camera SteadyShot

The Sony Xperia 5 put a bunch of three cameras with different focal lengths. The main 26-millimeter lens is equipped with system of optical stabilization, and an additional 16-mm module with wide viewing angle allows you to capture more objects in the frame. The third sensor serves for taking portraits with the approach. Proprietary stabilisation technology SteadyShot makes the picture smoother when shooting on the go.

The smartphone supports the RAW format, and its main camera has a aperture of f/1.6. Together, this will come in handy for creating high-quality images with insufficient lighting. Also, Sony Xperia 5 supplied technology autofocus on the eyes, which is used in the cameras line of Alpha. Another feature of the camera — continuous shooting at up to 10 frames per second and exposure, reduce the percentage of failed takes.

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Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Shot on the main camera Sony Xperia 5. Good clarity, no blurring and motion, the sky is not overexposed

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

The same angle, but on a wide angle lens: photo looks spectacular in the frame more objects

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Camera with large viewing angle allows you to photograph large buildings almost close

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Example photos with the standard camera: HDR pulled the shade,with the focus on fine detail good

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Correct color, good clarity, readable font in the background. Smartphone copes with different subjects

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Take a photo at the telephoto. A common problem with these cameras — bleached sky, is absent here. Such a frame can be easily processed and spread in the social network

Это пять! Несколько крутых особенностей Sony Xperia 5

Another picture with a twofold approach. No strong shadows, while the lighting contrast. The interior of the building is clearly visible even across the street

Compatible with Alpha cameras

Another interesting feature of Xperia 5 — ability to work with cameras from Sony Alpha series. The device will connect to each other wirelessly. Using the app Imaging Edge Mobile, the smartphone becomes an additional element of control by the camera. The screen Xperia 5 you can display camera settings, and image with her lens. This is useful if you want to remove remotely or when you have to photograph from an unusual angle.


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