HP Elite Dragonfly — thin, lightweight and very nice laptop for work and leisure. New image attracts not only design a laptop can quickly turn into a tablet. It remains to see how practical and successful device.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

Just a little bit- and would be a netbook

Take away the novelty a couple of inches on each side — and HP Elite Dragonfly could safely be called a netbook. Junior configuration weighs less than one kilogram, the older — slightly more than 1.1 kg. Last and was in our test.

The body of the laptop is made of magnesium alloy and plastic. Where that is not easy to understand, since Matt coating that is similar rather plastic. Most importantly, it does not collect dust and dirt, successfully resists fingerprints. Another advantage is the durability of the device. The manufacturer reports that the ultrabook will survive the drop, that is, corresponds to the military standard of protection MIL-STD-810G.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

Individual elements made of plastic, which is received during the processing of ocean debris. However, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy: in fact, this material is used only in the blades of the cooler.

It offers a very ergonomic keyboard. The block key is not pressed, and the buttons clear and quiet. To print on HP Elite Dragonfly — a pleasure. I wouldn’t say the touchpad. He is average in size, its space as wide as possible from the point of view of the compact dimensions of new. However, the sensitivity and gestures are implemented is not ideal. It is difficult to drag files from one window to another at the halfway point they are somehow lost and have to start all over again.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

Laptop screen reveals 360 degrees into a tablet with a minimum framework, and support both touch and pen input. Despite its slim frame, the location of the web camera traditional on top edge. Vendor equipped with a webcam with a physical shutter, which will delight lovers of privacy.

Display — with a bright and clear

Screen features HP Elite Dragonfly range. There is a version with a 4K panel, or the usual Full HD. There are versions with a glossy finish, but there are matte. As an option you can set special protection from prying eyes — HP Sure View. This technology, which by pressing a special key combination includes a filter that limits the viewing angles.

Although the angles can not be called perfect, even in 4K version with a glossy surface (this modification came to the editor 4PDA). When viewed from above and from below at sharp angles, the screen begins to turn yellow, noticeable small rainbow stripes. Strange to see such in the image gadget.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

With the stated support for HDR-video is also not so simple. Such content is literally falling apart before our digital artifacts in the Chrome browser. Normal playback 4K videos with HDR was able to achieve only through the stock Edge, but in this case, video is slow. You need to set lower resolution.

In the rest of the screen with no problems. With a peak brightness of 550 nits are able to work quietly in front of the window or on the street (of course, within reason). Backlight 1000 nits available as an option and only with the FHD resolution display. To get all the chips in one laptop, unfortunately, impossible.

Tablet mode and a stylus

HP Elite Dragonfly comes with a stylus. It is conveniently magnetized to the top cap, losing it difficult. Perfectionists are angry because the pen magnets are not parallel to the edge, — such is the strange idea of the manufacturer.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

At the turn of the upper cover 360 degrees activates the tablet mode of Windows. It is formatted for gesture control, and pen input. For the most part no problems, not counting the slowdown of the animation in tablet format. It is certainly not the problem of iron — it in HP Elite Dragonfly powerful. Most likely, it is necessary to optimize better.

Anyway, the laptop above all extremely comfortable on the road. It’s hard to imagine the owner of HP Elite Dragonfly in economy class. But if that happened, with the device is convenient to operate. In tablet mode, the new product will fit on the tiny table in the plane or train.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

In theory, the stylus is very useful for many programs. In fact it turned out that it is not optimized for certain applications. For example, in the embedded Paint 3D there is a noticeable lag: the 3D line lags behind the pen tip. But Krita is free and does not recognize the degree of depression, rather, does so with errors. Besides, to charge the pen should separately through its own USB interface-C and the corresponding wiring. From the laptop it doesn’t feed on what we have seen in some professional tablets, sharpened by a pen input.

When one powerful filling enough

Configuration with UHD display is pleasing to the powerful Intel Core i7-8565U and 16 GB of RAM. However, for dense multimedia and gaming ultrabook will not work. Built-in Intel Graphics UHD 620 is enough to run the games from the end of zero. However, nobody said that HP Elite Dragonfly created for releases like Eternal DOOM. But much more important impact on the impression of poor optimization of the system. In the workspace are often faced with the brakes, starting from the url in the browser address bar, ending with switching between desktops. Programs open lightning fast, although the stuffing might. Vendors definitely need to work on optimization. For a premium laptop it is no good.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

Optional HP Elite Dragonfly can be upgraded to 4G or even 5G modem. Of course, the story of the fifth generation networks is not relevant for Russia, but high-speed mobile Internet never hurts, albeit as a Foundation for the future. But with Wi-Fi-enabled 6 the device all is well now: high speed, great bandwidth, and so on. Left to find a compatible router.

As befits the status of the model, HP Elite Dragonfly received advanced acoustics Bang & Olufsen. Four speakers do emit the laptop on the background of the majority of competitors in the market. The sound quality, bass and loud. However, the depth is not up to production a well-known company from Cupertino.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

Unfortunately, fans sit in complete silence nothing to please — often calm violate the coolers. They work almost always, so the ultrabook cannot be called 100 percent noiseless. It is enough to run Chrome, even with one tab open, the coolers spin up to excessive speed, while also increasing the battery consumption.

The battery is not surprised

Time of autonomy — as a floating feature, and display settings. So, in a minimal configuration (FHD display) the stated 24 hours without a socket. And in the version with the UHD panel, we are about 14 hours. However, it is in any case fantastic figures: the real figures is not more than 6-7 hours. And this is assuming that there will not be running any power-intensive and demanding application. Only the browser, office editor and messenger in the background for a working relationship.

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей

In sleep mode, the gadget is also readily dissipates the charge. During the day, the idle goes about 35%, so leaving a computer without a socket is not worth it.

But happy fast charging. For half an hour the laptop makes up for 51% battery. The complete cycle takes about two hours.


Intel Core i7-8565U
4 cores, 8 threads, the frequency of 1.8 — 4.6 GHz, 14 nm
16 GB LPDDR3-2133
Video CARD
Intel UHD Graphics 620
The 13.3″ UHD 3840 x 2160, IPS, glossy, multi-touch, Gorilla Glass 5
30,43 x 19,75 x 1,61 cm
1.1 kg
2 x Thunderbolt = USB Type-C
1 x USB Type-A 3.1 gen 1
HDMI 1.4
3.5 mm Jack (combo)
slot for nano-SIM
802.11 ax, Bluetooth 5.0
56,2 WH
up to 14 hours

Test results

Single-core — 979
Multi-core — 2969
CPU — 1071
Single core CPU — 370
PCMARK 10 — 3 097

Обзор HP Elite Dragonfly: ноутбук голубых кровей


Oddly enough, HP Elite Dragonfly largely loses more accessible competitors. He is not the best performance (or rather optimization), not very impressive sound, not enchanting screen. There are also problems with the touchpad, which is not easy: a habit and require a certain skill. And after talking about models with a price tag reaching up to 150 thousand rubles.

On the other hand, the laptop has its own charm. HP Elite Dragonfly — only image story. Beautiful, thin and light laptop. It dissolves in a bag or backpack, requires minimal working space. Separately pleased with the opportunity to turn it into a tablet in just a second. HP Elite Dragonfly — rather, it is about a beautiful and undemanding work in the road when a little time and space, and to solve problems need right here and now.

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