The router is not a mobile — to change it every year or two there is no need. But here the progress is not in place. Without the support of 802.11 ac and Gigabit ports, you can live, though with less comfort. The review has been router Totolink A3002RU — he has everything he needs at a very humane price tag. Tell how it copes with its tasks.

Обзор Totolink A3002RU: 5 ГГц для стабильного интернета без проводов

Why 2.4 GHz is so last year?

The 2.4 GHz band are still in demand for transmitting data over Wi-Fi. This is not a problem for those who live far from neighbors in any cottage. But the inhabitants of the apartment houses of such a standard promises a scored range. Who cares how much bandwidth and how much information it transmits per time unit, if on all sides it is closely other networks? This is particularly noticeable in the evenings when everyone comes home from work or school. Loss of signal quality and data transfer speed in this case is inevitable.

If not smiling turtle speed download favorite series, is to use the 5 GHz frequency. It can be divided into 19 non-overlapping channels — three at 2.4 GHz. Besides, not all homes have routers that support 5 GHz band, although for service it was taken in 2014. So the competition for the ether will be much lower — no lockups and breaks the connection.

Обзор Totolink A3002RU: 5 ГГц для стабильного интернета без проводов

Neat design

Totolink A3002RU case made of durable black plastic, the design is modern but no frills. Four antenna, two on each band, placed on the side faces. And all indicators on the top panel, and they are marked and active burning orange.

The back side is equipped with one LAN port and four WLAN, and USB connector. There’s power in and the power button router. The device can be used in a horizontal position or mounted on the wall of the corresponding attachment located on the bottom panel.

Обзор Totolink A3002RU: 5 ГГц для стабильного интернета без проводов

High speed in the budget class

Here you may ask: why budget router with Gigabit LAN? Bandwidth is not excessive, especially if organized in a home network and often have to share heavy files. It is useful when changing fare: thanks Totolink Gigabit ports A3002RU will become obsolete if a provider will offer a better deal.

Two antennas of the four provided here work 5 GHz at speeds up to 867 Mbit/s At 2.4 GHz frequency, this value is 300 Mbit/s Under the Gigabit LAN and WLAN separate external switch. The router supports the modern Protocol IPv6, although there are old almost exhausted IPv4 address space.

Обзор Totolink A3002RU: 5 ГГц для стабильного интернета без проводов

The possibility of firmware and performance test

The software part of the device is not surprised by something unusual. Except that the captcha at login is discouraging — why? Who will break into the admin area obscure Chinese? Why AAA-brands don’t need it, is there? In General, do not care about user’s security, and stimulus.

Inside, everything is neatly separated by folders and tabs. Once you have configured the access point to cope here. Especially when you first start the system carefully provides the user with the wizard for the basic settings. It allows you to change the administrator password, to establish an external connection, set the name and key for Wi-Fi networks.

Обзор Totolink A3002RU: 5 ГГц для стабильного интернета без проводов

The cable is also clear: it is unlikely that even the most inexpensive models with the Gigabit ports can not cope with the pumping signal through the twisted pair. Much more interesting, that is capable of wireless module. The router is able to create a network dual band: 2.4 and 5 GHz, test will be the second, because only it allows you to get more than 100 megabits per second.

Having four competing networks broadcasting on 5 GHz one connected device squeezed from the Gigabit channel of about 220-230 MB/s, which in itself is a good indicator. And with three gadgets Totolink handed 110-120 Mbps each. The script bears little resemblance to reality — it is unlikely that you houses three computers simultaneously downloading the torrents at full speed. But it is clear that radio is made to last.

Обзор Totolink A3002RU: 5 ГГц для стабильного интернета без проводов

The results

Totolink have an inexpensive dual-band router for comfortable home use. Bandwidth full Gigabit ports that support band 802.11 ac, neat design, firmware with all the basic features that still need to be happy? There is also a connection to the external drive via USB. Of course, at a considerable distance from the router the speed is reduced, and the coverage area is hardly suitable for a large mansion, but for the ordinary apartment, this option — at the time. Especially for readers 4PDA there is a 15% discount on promo code TOTO4PDA.

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