The laptop market for gamers has long remained stagnant: Intel, NVIDIA, Radeon budget occasionally — as a replacement quite so frail «building». With the advent of new architectures NAVI was more fun. Now energy efficient and powerful gaming hardware is there and «red». The time to see what can the first laptop on such a graph — MSI Alpha 15.

Обзор MSI Alpha 15: первый в своём роде

What’s inside and why it matters

To run new technology solved in a relatively affordable gaming model. The processor in it, of course, AMD. Talking about Quad-core and eight strand R7 3750H with insertions Vega on 10 compute units — no surprises here, we already tested laptops using this CPU and they work great. But the GPU is much more interesting: this RX 5500M on the fresh architecture of the NAVI. Its something worth exploring in more detail.

Heart graphics — half (actually slightly more) from top RX GeForce 5700 XT from 22 Executive NAVI units 10, operating at frequencies up to 1640-1650 MHz. Internal memory — 4 GB of GDDR6 on a 128-bit bus. The capacity of the Assembly is about 224 GB per second, which is enough for Full HD resolution, which focused this GPU.

Now to the unusual.

Processor laptop — «old» Ryzen 7 on the architecture of Zen+. Despite the 3000-th index in its capabilities, it corresponds to a 2000-series desktops. However, the graphics card is connected to the system for 8 lines PCI-Express version 4.0, which is available only X570 chipset and processor microarchitecture Zen2. Exactly how to construct this trick of mystery. Most likely, the controller is soldered on the motherboard of the device, and with the Central processor, it communicates through the Fabric bus Infinity, designed for high-speed data exchange in multiprocessor systems.

Обзор MSI Alpha 15: первый в своём роде

Business notebook

One processor with a video card a full laptop do not — need another case, screen, keyboard and other parts that turns a set of components in the final product. With the design and build quality the full order: the MSI is not stingy nor dramatic appearance, or materials.

The screen cover is decorated with metal. The bezel around the keyboard is pleasant to the touch plastic with a nice texture. The lower part is matte and rough, with ribs. Like and inexpensive work, but is attractive from all sides. Completes the picture of the keyboard with independent colorful backlit buttons.

Though the disco 80 satisfied, even obscene words on her draw. Lepota!

Display with a thin framework. Just visible at the bottom plastic end cap for a comfortable height of the screen relative to the keyboard. FreeSync sticker emblazoned on the body for a reason: the matrix operates at a frequency up to 120 Hz and is able to adjust the refresh rate of the picture under the framerate of the running games. But the brightness is low: if you sit on a Sunny day facing the window, when the display is not exposed to direct rays, it is not enough for comfortable work. We have to swipe room.

Обзор MSI Alpha 15: первый в своём роде

But cooling is made to last. The abundance of large teplorulon, a couple of fans, and pretty thick radiators, painted black, — all this effectively dissipates the heat from the iron produced with the use of 7-nm process. Of course, under load there is a noise, but in a comfortable range of loudness and frequency is not too high, the ear does not hurt. In the game on this background are quickly forgotten.

The saddest component of laptop sound system.

Speakers give a flat and shrill sound: low frequencies is small, the pan is weak, the maximum volume level is low. Perhaps it was better to put a backlit keyboard easier (monochrome, for example), but add bass and volume built-in speakers.

Обзор MSI Alpha 15: первый в своём роде

Everything else is more or less clear in the photos. Ports are located successfully, a lot of them, and the main — on the left to connected gadgets would not hurt to wield the mouse. Don’t be on the laptop a bright logo and a disco keyboard, it could be mistaken for a regular home model.

How it works in the real world?

To test the iron will be on all fronts. The point is that such models often take as a replacement desktop, so they have to pull not only fun, but also work with your daily tasks. Sometimes away from an outlet. A set of synthetic tests is the same: PCMark and 3DMark 10 Time Spy. But the game is different, distinguished from junk to hot new releases. Let’s see what have the strength RX 5500 portable design, and what — not.

Synthetic tests

PCMark 10
3DMark Fire Strike
3DMark Time Spy

Will play in native resolution in some titles with high graphics settings: the difference with «ultra» on a small display is still difficult to notice, but the scenario is quite real. At the same time use the adaptive sync — let the technology work, well no wonder it was implemented. While the shrew titles run without vertical sync, because we are interested in maximum performance without delay, but not an electronic noose around the neck of the GPU.

Average fps in games, 1920×1080

The Witcher 3

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Red Dead Redemption 2

Dirt Rally 2.0

Star Wars Fallen Jedi Order

The Division 2

Apex Legends



The results are interesting: 130-Watt GPU showed not only a decent frame rate (the same that you will see on the counter, the owners of 1660 th NVIDIA), but the advantage of the new architecture AMD. For comparison, slightly higher results gives desktop RX590, in which a third more compute units and twice the heating package. With the same video card in any game, the laptop did not drop the operating frequencies RX 5500 with values avtoradgona, which once again confirms the idea of a good cooling system.

The autonomy of the gaming laptop is rarely more than a couple of hours. But not this one.

Of course, this is not a key indicator. Still, iron is sharpened at other tasks, and weight the dimensions are not too have to constant wearing of the laptop. But we just said: these machines take as a universal, and for such a responsible approach to the creation of a machinery manufacturer can only praise.

Обзор MSI Alpha 15: первый в своём роде

In playback mode, this MSI video lasts just over 4 hours. About the same you can work with text files. Resistive load on the integrated GPU (Vega 10 times more powerful Intel Ultra HD Graphics) some «Photoshop» significantly eats up the battery, but still a good result for a device of this kind.


MSI Alpha 15 — a worthy candidate for purchase if the above cons do not disturb you personally. After all, its key features and opportunities offered almost the best ratio of price / performance in the market and high quality keyboard and fast screen comfortably even play in the tournament. The main thing — not to require iron too much and remember that at this price some compromises are inevitable.

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