For a long time when looking for a good laptop you have to choose between weak ultrabook and productive, but tough decisions for gamers. However, the technology is not standing still. Recently, a new class of devices — compact laptops with powerful discrete graphics, created for creative tasks. One of such models is the MSI Prestige 14. Tell us more about it.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

Classic in a new format

Unlike gaming laptops MSI allocated aggressive look with very crude inserts, Prestige 14 were a simple design, typical business class. Novelty is difficult to confuse with devices from other brands. Dark gray color aluminum housing, matte finish, minimalistic cover, bluish edging of individual faces — all this gives the gadget a concise and expensive look.

The thickness of the laptop is 1.59 cm, and a weight of 1.29 kg. This is not a record but very nice considering the powerful internals. Even with charging and case the laptop does not occupy much space in your bag and will not delay the hand. The lower part of the housing is made of plastic. On the one hand, it helped to reduce the weight of the device, on the other — lost the feeling of premium that has developed from the first contact with the laptop.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

Prestige 14 has a special loop — in the open position they raise the case about an inch from the surface. This clearance promotes better ventilation and allows easy tilt of the keyboard to facilitate typing.

Above the screen is a webcam for video calls. There is also an infrared sensor that can recognize in the darkness the face of the wearer with the function of Windows Hello. Additionally, the developers have put in the upper left corner of the touchpad, the fingerprint scanner — so what security is all in order.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

Keyboard has a smooth motion and an adjustable white backlight. Useful layout: the keys are widely spaced and not compressed horizontally. On a laptop it is nice to gain a lot of fingers do not get tired. A sample that has been tested, different key noise when printing and the deflection of the keyboard under strong pressure. However, in other samples of the same model such deficiencies were not noted. Keyboard Flex within acceptable limits — even when effort beyond the normal.

Bright display with a thin framework

MSI Prestige 14 is equipped with 14-inch display without the touch layer with a thin frame. In our survey has been the modification A10Sc with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Also has an older version with a 4K matrix.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

The screen is made by technology IPS with anti-reflective coating. The panel closed with semi-matte surface, which does not affect the image and allows you to work under direct sunlight. The manufacturer claims that the display provides one hundred percent coverage of sRGB and Adobe RGB. This seems to be true — the picture quality and color reproduction is at a high level.

The device can be opened 180 degrees. There is a separate button for quick reversing of the desktop. A function could be useful, whether the device is touch: to put his «house» flipping slides with your finger on the display. Here the necessity of such a feature is questionable.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

Performance for creative tasks

Despite its slim and lightweight body, the MSI 14 Prestige industrial iron. Here we use six-core Intel Core i7-10710U — new tenth-generation processor (Comet Lake). Laptop which sent to the editor 4PDA, equipped with 16 GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 1650 and SSD to 1 TB.

This filling is primarily designed for quality production of content. You can easily process files in Photoshop with hundreds of layers in high resolution, to programming, to create a 3D model. Even mount Full-HD video in Adobe Premiere is more than comfortable.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

And after work it is easy to let off steam in modern games. Sekiro, Rage 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, in these releases can be cut on high graphics settings with adequate fps 30-40. If you put the average pictures will be able to run such popular hits as GTA V and «the Witcher 3». Of course, with a simple Dota 2 or CS:GO will not have any problems.

However, AAA games lead to a noticeable heat, so much to lean on them is not necessary. Laptop not designed for serious gaming loads, the cooling system is more suitable for one-off sprints on heavy tasks. When constantly working at full steam iron heats up quickly: temperature throttle is achieved after 20-30 minutes. In the result of the frequency decrease, productivity falls.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

But applications for content creation like photo and video editing, the laptop is digesting much better: easy render scene to apply complex edits to RAW files, and the like. So, for rendering a half-hour video in 1080p with 60 fps in Adobe Premiere takes about 40 minutes. During this time, noticeable heating of the case or reduction of performance was observed.

Emphasizing the creative direction of the model, the developers added a utility Creator Center. It automatically adjusts the color gamut of the screen, performance and other parameters of the laptop running under the currently application. There are different modes for the correction of photo and video, office programs, watching movies, gaming and other usage scenarios.

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук


The laptop has got a powerful battery with 52 WH. Charging is via the USB-C — a sign of good tones in 2020.

The manufacturer promises 10 hours of battery life in mixed mode. In practice, MSI Prestige 14 easily withstands about nine o’clock (work with documents and reading news in the browser on the average brightness). Watching TV series can be even longer — about 11 hours. A good result for efficient models.

Under the active load associated with processing of images and videos, the battery drains in 4-6 hours. Game without connecting to the outlet is better not to run a laptop will last about two hours.


Intel Core i7-10710U
16 GB
Video CARD
NVIDIA GeForce 1650, 4 GB, GDDR5
14”, Full HD, IPS
1.59 x 32 x 21.5 cm
1,29 kg
52 WH

Test results

CPU — 1100
CPU Single core — 138
up to 11 hours video playback

Обзор MSI Prestige 14: больше, чем ультрабук

The results

MSI Prestige 14 is a powerful and compact computer, which can cope with rendering movies and modern games. However, long gaming session, it is not designed. The quality of display will suit photographers and designers. Good endurance allows you to use the laptop for work on the road. The device is attractive and looks expensive, and its weight and dimensions are suitable for transportation in a backpack or bag.

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