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Published IBM report for the third quarter of 2019

IBM income for the period amounted to 18.0 billion dollars IBM has published the report for the third quarter of this year. The reporting period, it completed with income 18,028 billion. This figure was 3.9% less in annual terms, but if to take into account the change in the exchange rate, only 0.6% less. Operating profit for the year decreased from 2,996 billion to $ 1,522 billion dollars. Gross profit decreased from 46.9 per cent to 46.2%. Net profit also decreased, from 2,694 billion to $ 1,672 billion. During the quarter was generated cash flow of $ 3.6 billion, of which $ 1.6 billion was paid out to shareholders. As at the end of the quarter at the disposal of IBM was 11.0 billion dollars. The debt to IBM, including 32.1 billion dollars, which shall be in the division of Global Financing is 66,3 billion. This is 6.7 billion less than in the previous quarter. Recall that a large debt is partly linked to purchase Red Hat for $ 34 billion....

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Computer case Jonsbo TR03 has an unusual shape

The frame is made of steel, and panels of aluminum and glass The company Jonsbo presented illustrated the case for your PC, which is markedly different from most cases available on the market. The frame body TR03 made of steel and panels made of aluminium and tempered glass. The body fits Board up to ATX and graphics cards with length up to 460 mm. the Maximum height of the CPU cooler is equal to 175 mm, and the length of the power supply — 185 mm. is Possible to install three drives size 3.5 inches and three drives size 2.5 inches. As for cooling, there are mounting points for up to 10 fans. Of course, the setting of the DLC, and the housing has a mounting for the reservoir, and the maximum length of radiator is 360 mm. The price new the source does not name....

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Discrete graphics card for gaming Intel will be released in mid-2020

The exact dates yet According to the statements of Intel, rumors and leaks, we will not see 10-nanometer desktop processors until at least the beginning of 2022. But the other products are made according to the technological standards, the Intel will appear much earlier. More specifically, mobile devices are already available, and in turn the server CPU and discrete GPU. Intel always said its a discrete graphics card Xe will enter the market in 2020, but never specified deadlines. According to the source, the announcement of 3D maps is expected by the middle of next year. No other details...

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Antivirus has caused a «blue screen of death» of many computers with all versions of Windows

The patch is already available to users Antivirus update released by Symantec for Endpoint Protection, perpetrate a real defeat on the users ‘ systems, causing a fatal error and sending the computers into an infinite loop of reboots. The problematic update was released by Symantec on October 14. Users soon thereafter began to complain about the so-called «blue screen of death». This message characteristic blue color, which is displayed after fatal system errors in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Problems arose on all versions of Windows, including server and client Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Symantec quickly acknowledged the problem...

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Unique original. Redmi Note 8 Pro goes on sale in Russia

With this smartphone compare their products with other manufacturers In the beginning of last week, Russia held a presentation of the 64-megapixel smartphone Redmi Note 8 Pro, which was much cheaper than initially reported. Why «unique original»? Because with this smartphone compare their products to other Chinese manufacturers trying to offer innovations and to convince them that they are either no worse than Redmi Note 8 Pro, or are all his murderers. Today at 10:00 Moscow time in our country the new product goes on sale at this price: Redmi Note 8 Pro with 6 GB of RAM and...

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