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Vice President of Xiaomi has confirmed the development Redmi K30. The smartphone will support 5G

I wonder if Redmi hold the new line until early next year Famous Indian insider Mukul Sharma (Mukul Sharma) continues to make exclusive news about new products Xiaomi Redmi and even on the weekends. A few hours ago it announced that the company is Redmi simultaneously working on several models of smartphones that support mobile networks of the fifth generation. He also confirmed that the Redmi smartphone and the Redmi K30 K30 Pro is already running in production, although the company hasn’t officially introduced the Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note and Redmi 8 Pro 8. And just a few minutes ago on his Twitter page he had duplicated the post from the social network Weibo, where the Vice-President and head of Xiaomi brand Redmi Lou Weibing (Lu Weibing) officially confirmed that the Redmi line K30 will fully support the 5G. I wonder if Redmi hold the new line until early next year or Redmi and Redmi K30 K30 Pro will go on sale before the end of 2019 calendar year. The range Redmi Note 8 will be presented on August 29....

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The most productive portable games console with Windows 10 — Smach Z — became more powerful

Now it is based on top APU Ryzen Embedded V1807B History gaming portable consoles Smach Z goes back several years. In 2016, the project was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but the device has not yet been released. In 2018, it became known that the old Merlin Falcon SoC the AMD RX-421BD replaced by much more productive APU Ryzen Embedded V1605B with four cores Zen and Vega GPU with 512 stream processors. And now we are again talking about the console, and again to change the platform. The source reports that the console makers decided to replace Ryzen Ryzen V1605B Embedded on Embedded V1807B. This cooler has the same four processor cores Zen, but frequencies above: 3,35-3,8 GHz vs the 2.0-3.6 GHz. But more important for gaming consoles new APU GPU performance significantly, as it is not 8 Vega, and Vega 11 with 704 processors. In addition, the maximum configuration now includes 32 GB RAM and SSD capacity of 480 GB. True, we should clarify two points. First, on the website of the manufacturer has no updates yet: there are still present three modifications Smach Z and all of Ryzen Embedded V1605B. Secondly, it is unclear whether all versions have been replaced at Ryzen Embedded V1807B or is it only on top versions, while the initial will save V1605B. Smach Z, unfortunately, still has no exact release date, but the...

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Desktop CPU Intel Comet Lake LGA 1200 and 10-core flagships to be released in early 2020

They will keep the 14-nanometer process technology A few days ago, Intel introduced the mobile processor Comet Lake. They belong to the 10th generation Core processors, but unlike Lake Ice, produced according to the old 14-nanometer process technology. According to new data, in the first quarter of next year we expect desktop CPU Comet Lake. Despite the fact that neither the architecture nor the process technology relative to current Intel processors do not change, Comet Lake will move to a new socket — LGA 1200. However, if you remember the notorious principle of «tick-tock», we can assume that Intel change the CPU socket in General, not for Comet Lake, and table Lake Ice. On the other hand, all the early leaks and rumors pointed to the fact that table 10-nanometer processors, we will not get until at least 2021, so it is not very clear why in the beginning of 2020 to implement such changes. Anyway, processors Comet Lake still something new will bring. Older CPU in this series will be 10-core. Once again we can thank AMD and Ryzen success, as without these processors, perhaps in the next year Intel’s top CPU in the desktop segment was the six-core models. Older processors Comet Lake will have a TDP of 125 W, although in fact this has long been achieved, since the same Core i9-9900K absolutely does not fit...

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Intel is trying to convince users that the real objectives of its processors are still better than the latest Ryzen 3000

But it turns out inconclusive AMD Ryzen first and second generation was very successful, and a new generation of even more cemented the primacy of AMD, if we talk about the ratio of price and performance. Intel, unfortunately, not yet ready to give users a brand new 10-nanometer desktop CPU and, apparently, won’t be ready for at least another year and a half. If this Intel got out of the situation. Today we learned that one of the options will be another increase in the number of cores processors Comet Lake-S will have up to 10 cores. Another step by Intel, and now it is already possible to speak confidently, will the information «war». Previously, the Network got the materials, which it distributed to its employees. They explained how to promote the products of Intel on the background of CPU Ryzen. In particular, Intel has decided to resign from the comparison in those problems where there is a good support of multithreading and, as a consequence, a very strong position competing solutions. And now we have the first fruits of the renewed marketing program Intel. The company States that to use to compare processors application Cinebench doesn’t make sense, since only 0.54% of normal users run this benchmark. While Intel offers the use of Sysmark. Without specifying, however, how often and why users run this test Suite. But the...

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Redmi Note 8 got chetyrehstennoy camera with 48-megapixel sensor, a fingerprint scanner on the back panel there.

The camera configuration of this model is very similar to Honor 20 Insider Mukul Sharma (Mukul Sharma) continues to share on Twitter details about smartphones Redmi Note and Redmi Note 8 8 Pro. At this time, «under the hand» got a younger model. So, nsider data confirms that 64-megapixel sensor bypassed this model side – it applies only in Redmi Note 8 Pro. The main sensor Redmi Note 8 still has a resolution of 48 Megapixels, but the number of modules increased to four: in the configuration is also super wide-angle lens with its sensor, sensor for analyzing the...

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