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From Samsung Galaxy S3 to S10+: eight years of evolution cameras clearly

It used to be better? The megapixel hype, but no quality? The familiar phrase. But how they fair? We stuffed the backpack with smartphones S-series from Samsung, released in the last 8 years, and compared their cameras in equal conditions. The conclusions were interesting. What happened with the PV modules all the time? Gadgets, took part in fototeca. From left to right: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 Edge, S7, S8+, S9+, S10+ Megapixel psychosis Ask far from a tech person about the camera — he is sure to say something about the megapixels. And there is nothing you...

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Folding beds are back in fashion, and YouTube were forbidden to communicate. The main thing for the week

Remember the key events of the outgoing seven days. In this issue: clamshell from Nokia and Samsung, bans YouTube, «live» photo Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro and more. Make raskladushka great again Fashion is cyclical — this mantra for years was repeated by the adherents of the cots and finally got to the point. Two brand revive dusty characters of the 2000s, intending to make them great again. Nokia undertook an updated version of the keypad 2720 — even 10 years ago, the model simply broke the market. In memory of the glorious past «the pensioner» it will be pumped soon to present to the public. Second chance classics gives chapped and Samsung. However, the device that was recently patented by Koreans, yet rather «shibucho». The smartphone is easy to fold either in half, or in unequal parts — the idea of engineers, flexible screen stoically takes almost any test. And without further ADO there While Samsung and Nokia reminisce, Google chops off the message in YouTube. The ability to «grind» in PM appeared two years ago, and now suddenly it turns out that the function is contrary to the concept of video sharing. No matter how sad users, nothing helped: Google gave, Google has taken. Of when YouTube will disable private messages we wrote here. Redmi Note 8: the best photos only Meanwhile, the network leaked live...

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Overview Ryzen 3700X 7: goodbye i7, you’re not interesting to us

A month ago AMD has presented a new architecture and Zen 2 processors Ryzen 3000 series. We tested the most interesting models and are ready to share the results. Today deal with an instance for computer enthusiasts Ryzen 7 3700X. Let’s see what he’s capable of? What’s new in Ryzen 3000 We already wrote about the difference between Zen+ and Zen2. In short, the new processors are not using a monolithic crystal, and is divided into three units: the controller I / o and two clusters of 8 cores. Together with the 7-nm process technology helped to improve the overclocking potential and to decouple the frequency of data exchange from the frequency of the memory. The cache was doubled to reduce access latencies. And as a result has provided about 21% performance increase. Ryzen 7 3700X Under the cap heat spreader for standard 3000 series history: the two crystals with the CPU cores and cache, one memory controller and the block I / o. He OCTA-core CPU (most likely all the cores situated on a single chip to reduce delays when working with the memory) and with SMT technology to run two threads on a single core. Specs hardly anyone will be surprised. Base frequency is 3.6 GHz, and overclocking to 4.4 GHz. Overclocking the CPU is not limited by manufacturer, but has several «glass ceilings». First, AMD squeezes...

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What smartphone to choose the child? Expert advice «Yandex.Market»

The Experts Of «Yandex.Market» said, what should guide the selection of gadgets for children. Starting point two: well the phone handles the most necessary daily tasks and what opportunities to experience provides to a child. So, there are a few basic rules. Don’t buy expensive phones. And the truth is that: the kids hardly know the value of money and about saving and think less. Meanwhile, the repair of roads now. Besides valuable a toy can easily select high school students whose parents do not buy them these gadgets. Or the attacker, take the bus to a defenseless child with a flagship smartphone. As an option for a student younger age, you can consider the Xiaomi Redmi 7A — novelty 2019. There is everything for everyday tasks, and it costs 7-8 thousand rubles. Cheap and cheerful, as they say. Need more accessible? Note the model Prestigio Wize U3, which also has all the right features, and the price is 3-4 thousand. Buy durable phone. There’s even nothing to explain: the kids are running as usual, so fragile gadget is risking at any moment to fall to the floor. To avoid serious damages, you should choose a smartphone with a robust, shock resistant casing. Or consisting of several parts in the manner of a transformer, the device must be easy to assemble, if you drop it will break into several...

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Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: the leader of the Android tablet

Smartphones with large displays and ultrabooks has forced to forget about the once popular tablets. But Samsung has decided to revive the interest in such devices, releasing the Galaxy Tab S6. Novelty is equipped with desktop mode DeX, stylus pen, dual camera, top iron and screen support HDR10+. Could you prove that for tablets is still open? Desktop experience on your tablet Let’s start with the most interesting mode Samsung DeX. It is a kind of launcher that turns the usual Android in the likeness of a full-fledged desktop OS. There is even a mode mnogokanalnosti as in Windows. Simultaneous work with several applications surprising — the browser, maps, file Explorer, weather and any other programs easy to open on the same screen. And they all run without brakes or unload from memory. When connected to the Tab S6 case-keyboard and Bluetooth mouse work with the text to a new level. The keyboard is very comfortable: although the Cyrillic alphabet in this instance on the buttons was not the message in Russian was safely collect blind. The key travel is small, but the depression is clearly felt. But the touchpad sometimes it is simply not having the finger. This problem is solved by connecting the wireless mouse. If not, and you wired connect, because the device supports OTG. To handle the case the display is not activated and not...

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