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Kill birds, harm the people. The main myths about 5G

We recently wrote how the people in Switzerland came to the rally. The occasion was the impending introduction of 5G: demonstrators sure that electromagnetic radiation affects health. Opinions in comments were divided: some believe that it is foolish to be afraid of the new standard, others urged to wait and remember the story about birds killed by the radiation. The discussion showed how 5G shrouded in myths and gossip. We remembered three of the most popular misconceptions, and to dispel. The first myth: 5G kills See. European protesters came out because now there is no accurate data does work 5G on health. Switzerland established a separate Commission, which by year-end to understand the issue. A similar campaign launched in Russia: the Ministry of health in tandem with the Ministry of communications will establish the 5G affects the health of Russians. Finally, the who also do not determine unambiguous answer. «Final data on this issue yet. My colleagues conducted research that confirmed that electromagnetic radiation affects the brain of rats and probably humans. But how harmful it is for health — is not yet clear», — said Valentin Buslaev, associate Professor, Department of Radiophysics Tomsk state University. But the birds 5G didn’t. This is a misconception. You’ve probably seen pictures of dead birds and a PostScript — it’s all because of harmful radiation! In fact, it was so. Pictures were...

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5 benefits of Sony headphones WH-XB900N

Now few people out of the house without music, so audiophiles appreciate quality acoustics. It’s time to analyze the main features of the new model of Sony headphones and find out how this device can improve the experience of listening to music. Noise reduction One of the key functions of WH-XB900N — active noise cancellation. In short, the microphones record the incoming external noise allowed in the out of phase signal that suppresses sound pollution. So the user is left alone with his music. Usage experience has shown that a loud low frequency hum, for example, in the subway, cut off almost completely — only feel vibration and a separate illegible phrase when you say stop. These headphones will come in handy at home, if it is necessary to focus on the important business or just to listen to music. It is clear that to compete with the standard in the face of «strong» series model will not work, but she has a nicer price. Autonomy even where On a full charge WH-XB900N hold up to 30 hours of active noise cancellation and without it — two hours longer. If the battery is still the village, quick charge for 10 minutes, the headphones will add energy to hours of work, thanks to Type-C with support for fast charging. Enough to reach the wall outlet, and there already to make...

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Overview of Tecno Camon 12 Air: not hiding the camera under the bangs

Competition in the segment of smartphones costing up to 10 000 rubles is increasing. To stand out from the mass of similar devices, the producers really need to try. The company Tecno decided to surprise the sophisticated audience and placed the camera right in Camon display 12 Air. More remarkable than the novelty and topic do it for the money, find out in the review. Hi, HiOS! In Camon 12 ninth Air over Android version installed proprietary shell HiOS. It can be described with the following words: looks unusual, has a huge number of settings and many different software. Built-in applications is valid in abundance, and most of them are not deleted, but gives only the suspension. You have to seek out the culprit and disable, but it is not always available. Liked the idea with the smart panel, which is invoked over any program and allows you to quickly take a screenshot or record video from the screen. Moreover, it is possible to add links to the various applications and instantly switch between them. Also useful would be a utility «freezer», which prohibits any activity by the selected programs. About the iron / Tanks pull The gadget is built on a processor MediaTek Helio A22. In the application the CPU was throttling Throttling Test was not more than 10% of the maximum capacity for a half-hour run. Graphics...

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Overview Neffos C9 Max: reliable state employees for each day

Smartphones have long been robbed the work of portable cameras and camcorders, music players, planners, alarm clocks and more. However, their main function still calls and texts. Our guest today, Max Neffos C9 TP-Link, is designed primarily for basic tasks, and that it is there yet — understand the testing process. The main feature Dominant new — 6,09-inch IPS display, it is 87,6% of the front panel and has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The screen is covered with a 2.5 D glass and framed by a small part, so it looks trendy. A modest cutout for front camera, ensure to unlock your smartphone in the face (the only biometrics in C9 Max). Bottom face with the logo of the vendor, of course, for an Amateur, but overall this combination looks neat. Face detection works well, but for its speed and correctness at twilight we would not have — there are mistakes. The screen is auto brightness, its enough for most usage scenarios, and the color temperature to «night mode» can be unscrewed on a more yellow tint to protect the view. The display resolution is sufficient for most typical scenarios, the pixels are only visible when viewed at close range, and multi-touch with five simultaneous touches correctly fulfills the command input and text input. Good The smartphone looks elegant, despite belonging to the budget segment. Sales there are...

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Week with HUAWEI Band 4: can’t remove with your hands

Who missed important calls due to silent mode on the phone or because he’s charging in the other room? In such cases, it helps smart bracelet. It will not only notify you about incoming calls and messages, but also will Wake in the morning and the health will follow. To understand how the device copes with all this, the editors 4PDA gave new HUAWEI Band 4 one of the authors for a week. What is the result? Usage scenarios After birth we automatically put phones on silent mode, causing a lot of missed business calls and messages. Therefore, the...

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