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First look at MIUI 11: 11 the main pieces

In late September, Xiaomi has unveiled the latest version of the original firmware MIUI 11. The global release is scheduled for the coming days, but we did not wait and installed the «beta» smartphone Mi8. After examining the system, has identified 11 major innovations. Talk about them. User interface Eleventh MIUI have not received a radical redesign, but a few noticeable changes in the interface we found. On the desktop immediately catch the eye updated icons — they are made in the same style and, by default, have the same form. Slightly modified menu multi-tasking: Windows programs now located two in a row and not chaotic, like MIUI 10. Top blind, at first glance, the same. However, to view all notifications from one app, now you have to press and hold, not swiping two fingers as before. In addition, there is the choice of style of display of notification: the standard MIUI or in the manner of the stock Android OS. Throughout the system uses an updated font with «bold» titles. This is most noticeable in the settings. There’s also new icons for all the partitions. By the way, the size of the letters changes dynamically depending on the displayed content. System dark theme Dark design made its debut in MIUI for a long time, but with the advent of Android 10 it operates at the system level. When...

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Killer articles, YouTube and TV. Why podcasts have become so popular?

Long gone are the days when using a headset you can listen to the music. Now all the people with the «drops» in his ears are still lectures, training courses and… podcasts. This is a relatively new, but already popular entertainment. Tell, where did the podcasts, where they listen and for what. Podcasts have become popular? Yes. Used to be in the garage and gathered a group of friends and began to talk in a cheap microphone, as they spent the weekend. But since then the industry has evolved: broadcast, scientists, journalists and representatives of different professions. In short, we can choose anything. Figures show that podcasting is one of the growing areas of media. From 2017, the audience gear in General increased by 40%. Now in the world there are 550 million active podcasts on more than a hundred languages. Taken together, this more than 18 million episodes. Now you know how serious momentum acquired format? For promising segment of entertainment took and large companies. Last year on Amazon Prime came the TV series with Julia Roberts in the title role, based on the podcast «Return home». But this is not the only adaptation of the gear. Behind media: broadcast Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Guardian and others. The Russian edition too. Oddly enough, the podcasts even bring money. It is quite a possibility of earning,...

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SE iPhone 2 will be released? Merged new data — they will please you no

Rumors around SE 2 went to the second round. Recently authoritative insider told that the continuation of the Special Edition will appear in the case «eight», but with iron the eleventh version. Ironically, this may be true, in contrast to fantastic renderings that we have seen over the last year. Tell what is now known about the iPhone SE 2 and why it is likely to disappoint you. If you will, of course. What all of the hysteria SE 2? In 2016, Apple departed from the principles and made SE iPhone — smartphone case «five», but stuffed with advanced at that time 6s. The company hung on the atypical gadget, the price tag of 350-500 dollars. In Russia the novelty initially asked insane 37 thousand rubles, but the price quickly dropped to twenty. From this point SE has become a hit in our country he soon surpassed all, including the most popular models of Samsung. The rest of the world, this iPhone, too, liked the cupertinos even re-ran it on sale. Since people dream that someday Tim cook will come to their senses and make iPhone SE 2 is a compact device with powerful hardware, edge-to-edge screen and the price at $ 350. Continue around the potential lined up a whole mythology — the number of «leaked» photos, renders vague and inconsistent reviews of «eyewitnesses» SE 2 long been...

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Review Borderlands 3: the return of the king of the genre?

What is most important in a Thriller? Shooting! And cool guns, which are fun to shoot at the enemies climbing everywhere. In the world there is hardly a cycle that can exceed in this respect, Borderlands. The other day the premiere of the third part — it’s time to check whether the series lost its former charm. Event all editions of Borderlands are associated with the planet Pandora is the cosmic analog of the Wild West. With the universe there adventurers flock. Some are for the purpose of trade, others just shoot hunt, and the brave looking for a mysterious Vault, where, according to legend, great treasures are hidden. The third part begins 7 years after the final second. Sinister Corporation, Hyperion is defeated, its leader, Handsome Jack is dead. But peace can only dream of Pandora: suddenly on the scene new villains, the twin Calypso. Cunning brother and sister create a cult named after himself, promising minions love and a place in a strong family. However, the true plans of a couple of much more sinister, and to prevent their implementation can only brave Seekers of Stores — both new and old. Space Safari At first, Borderlands 3 seems very familiar and clear: exploring the dangerous planet, take job, kill the bandits and collect loot usually in the form of weapons. The machine guns, firing homing bullets. Shotguns,...

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Soon work AliExpress Russia. What he will bring new buyers?

Recently ended a deal to design AliExpress Russia. The Asian giant has teamed up with Group, MegaFon and Russian investment Fund to significantly shake up the market of online retail. Tell what to expect from «our» AliExpress and how it will change the process of shopping online. Spoiler: changes are coming significant. Who got AliExpress Russia? Let’s start with the boring numbers — the few, bear with me just a couple of paragraphs. AliExpress Russia — it is a joint venture, a joint venture of several companies who have divided the project into parts. After lengthy negotiations, the shares were distributed as follows. Alibaba took 47%, «the Megaphone» chop off 24%, the Russian direct investment Fund was 12%, and Mail.Ru Group — 15%. Formally, the leadership of the Chinese, but the cumulative majority of the Russian firms. In addition, the shares of «MegaFon» and «Mail» you can mentally fold — to both corporations in one form or another is relevant Alisher Usmanov, a Russian businessman. Obviously, that’s why the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new company put Boris dobrodeeva — head Group. That is «aliexpress Russian» really is Russian — with a domestic Manager, capital and economic control. The share of China is significant, but it should not be exaggerated. All the numbers ended. Now let’s understand that AliExpress Russia will bring to the...

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