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Рубрика: Tech News

Now eSIM in Russia outside the law. Why and when will solve the problem? (Coming soon!)

2020 could be the year eSIM in Russia: «the Messenger» is going to sell smartphones with an electronic map, and «Beeline» kicking the tires. Moreover, re:Store in partnership with Tele2 since last year implements «esimone iPhones». But the fate of the new standard developing here is not easy, because its essence is contrary to the laws. Tell, when do we get rid of these squares in the mobile phone. What is eSIM? For those who are not interested in the latest trends. eSIM is a tiny chip embedded in the gadgets and allows one to enjoy the physical SIM card. No plastic — you just remote get the new rate or change of the operator. Without any trips to cell phone stores and phone to couriers. Obviously, this approach is easier, especially in light of the coming Internet of things. To insert the SIM card in a mobile phone is one thing, but to equip them all the elements of the smart home is another. So now eSIM is in the gates, modules, security and other niche technology. Found in smartphones, but so far not so often: in the iPhone XS, XR and 11, Google Pixel 3 and 4, G7 LG ThinQ. But there is a smart watch, equipped with a «virtual» SIM card — Samsung Gear S3 and the HUAWEI Watch 2. In General, the field is growing,...

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Three weeks should show a PlayStation 5. We know about it now?

The next-gen is close. However, unlike the recently revealed Xbox Series X, official data on PlayStation 5 not so much — mostly rumors, which every day more and more. For example, an insider posted alleged appearance of the console and in the online leaked six-second segment Godfall — the first confirmed games for PS5. There is a perception that the console will show soon, 12-16 Feb. And while reported all that is known about it. What is known officially? Logo, some features, gamepad The Internet has stirred up news: Sony has published a PlayStation 5 logo! But there were...

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Too much: what can a smartphone in the hands of an engineer

The Internet is not only a source of memes with cats, but also a convenient place for creative expression. Blogging is easy, even from your smartphone. But it’s good for this OPPO Reno2, equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, powerful battery and quadricamere 48 MP? We held a forum contest for aspiring bloggers and chose a user working in the virtual tests. Let’s see how the phone will help him to create a channel in the Telegram. The Tester Arthur My name is Arthur, I’m 27 years old, I’ve been doing software for engineering analysis. My job is to carry...

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Test camera HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro: the new standard of photofragment

The new flagship of the company HUAWEI may be interested to many, first and foremost, cameras. The smartphone is equipped with optics from Leica, allows you to record with 7680 fps and has a surprising number of options in the camera software. We were lucky enough to test the gadget and day and night — this is what came of it. Anatomy of quadricamere On the back side of 30 Mate Pro four camera: wide angle, standard, telephoto and depth sensor for bokeh effect. A distinctive feature of novelty is that there is no obvious division into leading and secondary modules. Everywhere applied optics Leica, two 40-megapixel sensor with optical image stabiliser is even in telephoto and advanced modes (including a «Night mode») work with all sensors. In addition, each sub-module uses the phase AF system — it allows you to quickly traverse the sharpness even in low light while shooting, and also smoothly and without false positives to keep on «eye» moving subjects while recording video. What of all this? The switching is transparent to the user a slider to zoom in ON a smartphone. No need to think, what kind of camera to shoot, just as you need to adjust the zoom. When the slider’s value is 0.5 x super wide-angle optics, 1x standard, 3x telephoto. Any intermediate values use digital image processing. Also, the gadget supports...

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5 things to know about Snapdragon 865

Submitted in December 2019, the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 promises us not only a performance increase, but the GPU of the new generation, improved energy efficiency and even shoot 8K video. Tell, what else will bring fresh chipset in a flagship this year. Architecture, improving the autonomy and performance Based Snapdragon processor 865 are eight cores Cortex-A77 of 7 nm. Most powerful works at a frequency of 2.85 GHz and has 512 KB of L2 cache. Also in the system there are three high-performance cores with 2.4 GHz and 256 KB of memory. In addition, the 865-th «dragon» has...

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