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Overview Dreame XR: five types of wireless data harvesting from Xiaomi

More vacuum cleaners: light, wireless and different! Apparently, this motto guided in Xiaomi, as the company’s catalog for several series of such devices. And they successfully replace bulky and noisy vacuum cleaner classic form factor. Today we are testing Dreame XR Premium from one of the brands included in the Corporation Xiaomi. Portable power The manufacturer managed to fit in a light and compact body enough powerful brushless motor that allows the vacuum cleaner to successfully deal with those caught in the path of the garbage. It’s no joke: the rpm in turbine aircraft — 100 000 per minute at the maximum for these devices, power 145 watts. Indicators of serious, although Dreame XR weighs just 1.5 kilograms. Hand lever for easy switching between three available power modes. When working in standard mode can be vacuumed to music at medium volume: Dreame XR works quietly. Getting inside of a vacuum cleaner, the dust and debris pass through five stages of filtration, including a HEPA filter and are deposited in a container with a capacity of 0.5 liters. It is a mark that tells when it is time to empty, it can be done using a dedicated button. The same applies to the connection of accessories: one press turned quickly change the nozzle, not wasting time and battery power. All of the bits in the kit are five standard floor...

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Samsung Galaxy S20: look wider, shoot better

Flagship smartphone is not only a new processor, gaining an impressive number of points in AnTuTu. Gadgets Samsung Galaxy S20 combined in a compact body the advanced functions of a video camera, a mobile cinema and even video game consoles. Understand how the Korean brand managed to do it. It is not Full HD It would seem that the 4K has only recently entered the mobile trend, but to it on change has come a new standard. The series of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S20 supports recording 8K video at 24 frames per second, which is standard in the industry. Only one high-definition 8K benefits are not limited to: the content with this drill provides many opportunities for editing. During installation it is convenient to apply the pan and zoom without reducing the quality. On switching between modes, no need to worry: individual frames from the resulting video can be used as a standalone photo. 1 / 2 Picture taken during shooting 8K video Picture taken during shooting 8K video The finished material is easy to publish on YouTube in its original resolution or to broadcast in 8K-TV. If you send the clip to the owners of HD displays, the context menu is easy to reduce its size or reduce the resolution. The smartphone will retain the original file for later viewing on the right equipment. Magic pixel Of course,...

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Nokia 5.3, realme 6, Redmi Note Pro 9 and other available news Mar 2020

Despite the difficult situation worldwide, manufacturers for the second month in a row the market is literally flooded with smartphones. In the first part of the novelties of March: Carbon 1 Mark II in the case of carbon fiber, a cheap pair of Nokias, advanced realme 6 and 9 Redmi Note Pro and Samsung Galaxy four for every taste. Carbon 1 Mark II Time of the beginning of sales: the second quarter of 2020 Indicative price: €799 Features: housing made of CFRP, small thickness and light weight, AMOLED screen with slim frame, the fingerprint scanner on the side, dual camera, NFC for contactless payment Carbon 1 Mark II became the world’s first smartphone case made of carbon fiber, which allowed to reduce its weight to only 125 grams. To make the gadget thinner — up to 6.3 mm — used a modified version of tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6. Apart from atypical materials, the manufacturer has applied a special coating that prevents the appearance of scratches on the case. Another unique feature of the model’s appearance — a glowing logo on the back that acts as the notification light. Smartphone equipped with a 6-inch AMOLED-display with thin frames without cutouts, MediaTek Helio P90 and a battery capacity of 3050 mAh. Dual main camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels and optical stabilization. As the OS used Android 10....

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Overview of the realme C3: G70 first on Helio

In the high price segment capacity characteristics have not particularly affect the operation of the device. Conversely, in the category of available gadgets progress is easy to notice. New realme C3 demonstrates how quickly evolyutsioniruet state employees: a powerful processor, triple camera, NFC, battery of 5000 mAh and much more. How does the modern cheap mobile—, read the review. Fresh processor The gadget is built on a new eight-processor MediaTek Helio G70, RAM installed 3 GB, and internal memory of 32 or 64 GB. The drive is easily expanded with a microSD card. The separate slot — choose between the two SIM cards and memory stick do not have to. Fresh chipset performs well in everyday use and surprisingly to cope with the games. PUBG, World of Tanks and Call of Duty run on high settings with a stable 30 fps. The smartphone will not overheat or throttle, apps open quickly, the interface works smoothly. It seems MediaTek finally got a good chip average. The developers have not forgotten about NFC. The module is supplied in the version with 64 GB of memory. Smartphone easily pay in stores and recharge a transportation card — all works. It is worth saying a few words about the interface. Realme is used instead of the ColorOS UI 1.0 — new shell based on Android 10. The system is more like a version...

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Nine seals. How HUAWEI protects user data

How many smartphones had the user to change, he always has access to the photos taken several years ago. Documents, contacts, dozens of files are usually all stored in the cloud. But even such a seemingly simple operation like uploading photos to the server involves a long chain of safety measures. Parse the internal kitchen of the HUAWEI Cloud and the methods used to protect user data. Checking account and proof of identity HUAWEI Cloud protects customer data through password validation and authorization control. What happens on the servers of the company at the time when the phone asks you to confirm your identity?   1. Password security The first thing the user should create a password for the new account. Key HUAWEI ID requirements are: at least eight characters, including letters, numbers and special characters. If the algorithm determines that the selected an insecure password to register will be impossible. The maximum password length can be up to 32 characters. In the case where the user decides to change the password in the future, he will receive some alerts via SMS, mail emails, and Push notifications. Likewise, the system reacts in the case of using HUAWEI ID on another smartphone or device. Or when you try to change important account settings. That is, when the slightest interference into account, the user will be immediately informed. 2. The verification...

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