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5 things to know about Snapdragon 865

Submitted in December 2019, the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 promises us not only a performance increase, but the GPU of the new generation, improved energy efficiency and even shoot 8K video. Tell, what else will bring fresh chipset in a flagship this year. Architecture, improving the autonomy and performance Based Snapdragon processor 865 are eight cores Cortex-A77 of 7 nm. Most powerful works at a frequency of 2.85 GHz and has 512 KB of L2 cache. Also in the system there are three high-performance cores with 2.4 GHz and 256 KB of memory. In addition, the 865-th «dragon» has...

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200 euros is not a hindrance? As sooner passed the threshold of duty-free import

The threshold duty-free import of goods from abroad is now 200 Euro. Last year was 500 and even then some limit seemed to be too strict. Therefore, people regularly invent schemes for his bypass: someone negotiated with the sellers, someone had asked friends to stay. We have collected some of the popular methods resorted to by the Russians. Use them now or not — you decide. Did the a smaller amount Bargaining — it is mutual, so no one interfered with the buyer to negotiate with the seller about additional services. To ask someone to specify a lower value in check, and for convincing just to scratch the packaging and add to the product description the magic word Used (i.e. used). Paid you, say, a smartphone 520 Euro, and the Chinese reduced to 470 — it is unlikely that the customs officers will pay attention to the missing fifty dollars. «But it’s certainly on the verge of foul, «wrote the well-wishers in the comments. Will it work this way in 2020 is unclear. The inspectors, too, were not born yesterday, at any moment they can clarify information. Including online catalogs and Chinese colleagues, using signed in November 2018 Memorandum on the regulation of Internet Commerce. And even if some of the sellers from AliExpress, knowing about the Russian conditions, are free to set prices below the limit, it does...

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In Russia they promise free Internet and Windows 7, all. The main thing for the week

Remember important events of the past week. In this issue: ubiquitous and free Internet access for Russians, the imminent launch of Spotify, the presentations from AMD and Intel at CES 2020 and more. Us Internet Nothing is nothing, but an exception threatens to become the Runet. With this initiative the other day appealed to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin. It’s not just broadband, but mobile Internet. The purpose of the project is that access to socially important services should be available to every citizen. In the end, the President said, Russia has plenty of their own social networks, instant messengers, search engines and other resources. It would seem, sit Yes wait till free future, but the initiative there are a number of issues. What will the ISPs not to go in the negative? How to get out of the mobile operators, whose had hard times since the law of Spring? And finally, what kind of Internet is this? We tried to find the answers in this material. CES: Intel, AMD and Samsung While the Russians had finished slightly becoming weather-beaten salads in Las Vegas was buzzing CES 2020. The exhibition brought all: smart potato, a razor and a heated robot, supplying toilet paper. The weekend flew by, and with them ended the CES — time to take stock. Intel spoke modestly, making a bet on mobile processors tenth generation...

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Vladimir Putin has promised free Internet. This causes issues?

January 15, Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly. In addition to the constitutional and social reforms he proposed to introduce the «Affordable Internet» — free to do some «socially important Internet services». Officials offer already approved. Tell what to expect from the available Internet, and what makes us this project. What’s «Affordable Internet»? Putin has offered to do free a number of socially significant services. That is, the citizen should have access to them, even if the money in the account is over or they never happened. For example, you forgot to pay online but some public Services and...

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The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite: dietary flagman

Line Galaxy Note is great in everything except the price tag. For flagship technologies necessary to pay in full. However, Samsung has recently released a simplified version of Galaxy Note10 Lite. Now you don’t have to get into the loan or go to «secondary» to assess in the pen S-Pen and other chips of the famous series. What’s the difference? Front novelty reminds Note10+, senior unit in the line, which we have told you. The differences lie in the display — it’s flat, with a similar diagonal has a noticeably lower resolution. In addition, over the hole selfie camera...

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